How Much Do Inground Pools Cost in Florida?

Installing a private pool in the warm, tropical climate of Florida is a great idea. A swimming pool gives you access to all-year enjoyment in the comfort of your backyard. However, while having a pool seems great, you must consider various factors, including costs.

Pricing and maintenance costs can motivate or discourage you from proceeding with your project. Therefore, you need to consult a professional early enough to determine average inground pool costs in Jacksonville, Florida, and what factors contribute to the final amount. Doing so gives you a better chance of achieving the exact specifications you intend for your pool.

At Oak Wells Aquatics, you work with the most skilled, experienced, and professional team, equipped to handle all your pool needs. Thanks to our years of experience in pool installation and maintenance, we know what works, bringing you one step closer to your dream pool with minimal challenges. Additionally, you can count on us for a detailed consultation beyond our services, giving you a chance to obtain more information on the best pool to install and the follow-up costs to consider.

Understanding How Inground Pools Work

Different pool designs exist, each presenting a different installation design to fit the functionality and maintenance. Among the designs are in-ground pools, which, as the name suggests, are installed into the ground for foundational support. Based on the design model, you need to factor in installation costs and the type of design you intend to have for your inground pool.

Often, the pool option you choose will influence how flexible you are with your features and different designs, as some are pre-made while others are constructed from the ground up. Similarly, cost variations are directly influenced by the type of pool you choose and the features the pool design can accommodate.

Having established the possible nuances affecting pool costs in Florida, you can then select your best option from the following:

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass is among the more popular pools to install today in Florida, offering a wide range of benefits. The pool material is made of a hard plastic that takes the shape of a pool basin and is designed and manufactured in a factory. Due to the short production and shipping times, you can expect the pool installation to begin within a week of placing your order, making it a fast sell for many.

You will also enjoy the non-porous design of the hard plastic, which prevents algae growth and dirt accumulation. Overall, the fiberglass design is suitable for most households, provided you are not too worried about the variety of available designs to work with. This is because manufacturing designs are often standard, with limited shapes and extra feature options.

  • Installation Costs

Upon placing your fiberglass pool order, contact your pool installation team to schedule your project dates as soon as possible. Typically, installation costs range between $50,000 to $200,000 based on several factors.

Firstly, your pool size can affect the installation cost significantly, with larger pools attracting a higher charge rate. This is because your installation team undertakes more labor in excavating your yard and creating a foundation to receive the fiberglass pool basin.

Additionally, you may have costs in the higher range if you intend to install additional features to make your pool stand out. For example, water lights for nighttime visibility require extra electrical work during installation compared to a dark pool, causing other expenses. Further, a heated pool system will increase the numbers and push your budget higher.

Since the fiberglass pool basin is manufactured in a factory, you also need to consider delivery fees on top of the installation costs. Making early arrangements saves you the stress and challenges that may arise if you undertake last-minute bookings, as the delivery company can increase transport costs unexpectedly.

  • Maintenance Costs

After pool installation, you are now working to ensure your pool remains functional and safe for use, leading to the need for maintenance services. Among the reasons why fiberglass pools have gained popularity over the years is that they require minimum maintenance services, leading to significant cost savings.

Despite this, you still need to consider recurrent electrical expenses tied to the pool's water pump and filtration systems. Since these features are necessary to keep the pool clean and the water at the required levels, you can estimate the monthly electrical bills you receive to budget for annual expenses.

Additionally, pool maintenance requires you to use cleaning chemicals like chlorine to maintain sanitary conditions. Your costs should therefore accommodate the chemical prices, which are bound to increase with a larger pool space.

By adding up these costs and a few miscellaneous expenses arising throughout the year, you can expect to spend around $ 4000 on fiberglass pool maintenance annually. Cost variations are inevitable depending on the chemical brands you use and the additional features you intend to install.

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are also a favorite in Florida because of their flexibility and the ability to include as many features as you want. Like inground pools, concrete ones also require ground excavation to create a solid foundation for the structure.

However, this design differs from fiberglass pools because your pool installation team will construct it from scratch. Consider it a building project where you can explore as many pool designs as possible, provided the installation allows the pool to hold water.

A concrete pool is also an excellent design option because you can add unique features to make it more luxurious or convenient. For example, you can install a hot tub on one side of the pool, making it the perfect relaxation spot when you do not feel like doing laps across the length.

Other features include stairs, ledges, and sitting posts inside the water when you need to take a break or drink without leaving the pool. Thanks to the versatility of concrete pool designs, many households opt for them, making information on their installation and maintenance widely available.

Moreover, the wide availability of information has expanded the market for concrete pools in Florida, increasing access to skilled installation experts at favorable prices. The phenomenon follows the supply-demand chain that has allowed for easier negotiations between clients and their installation companies.

  • Installation Costs

If the perks of installing a concrete pool have you settled, you need to consider the installation costs, and a reasonable price range to work with lies between $50,000 and $200,000. Variations to your design will also influence the total costs, including your intended pool size and the complexity of features you wish to include.

Installation costs should also encompass the construction materials you will spend beyond labor costs, including tools to help your installation team work effectively. Hiring excavation trucks, mixers, and other construction requirements should guide your budget to help you avoid unexpected expenses.

  • Maintenance Costs

Although concrete pools are beneficial with widely accessible installation requirements, they require extensive maintenance to secure pool utility and safety. Its porous nature is a commonly reported feature of concrete pools, contributing significantly to maintenance costs. Since the concrete material is porous, the pool is more likely to harbor algae.

The unregulated algae growth can then restrict proper pool functioning by blocking filters and making swimming appealing. To prevent these disadvantages, you need to undertake constant algae removal processes. The recommended duration is weekly, so you may need to outsource a pool maintenance professional to undertake this role effectively.

Additionally, since concrete can harbor other elements that may compromise water cleanliness and safety, you need to acid wash your pool afterward. The recommended duration is three to five years. Maintenance procedures like replastering and re-tiling the pool when required can also increase costs.

While every concrete pool owner may have different needs, the average pool maintenance costs you can anticipate annually are between $28,000 and $30,000. However, you can identify additional ways to minimize expenses with your pool installation service provider’s guidance.

Vinyl Liner Pools

If you are looking for a cost-effective pool installation while still enjoying the benefits of being a pool owner, consider vinyl liner pools. The vinyl material is non-porous, readily available, and easier to install than concrete. Nevertheless, it would help if you waited for design and manufacture before your installation team could begin the project.

Upon installing a vinyl liner pool, you should remain careful not to expose it to sharp objects. This can compromise the material strength and cause serious leaks that damage the pool. Your pool installation team should also provide additional pointers to help you maintain your pool with minimal effort.

  • Installation Costs

Since a vinyl liner pool is made of a sturdy plastic liner that does not need much preparation, installation costs are lower than for the first two options. Based on the pool size, you can expect to spend between $30,000 and $120,000 on the installation. Delivery fees from the factory should also be considered to ensure your budget encompasses all emerging expenses.

  • Maintenance Costs

The vinyl-lined pool requires constant maintenance, particularly replacing the liner every few years. However, the material is fairly affordable, and you will not have to worry about regular acid washes and chemicals for pool maintenance. You are therefore looking at an average cost of approximately $11,000 annually for pool maintenance costs.

Costs Arising From Legal Maintenance Requirements

On top of the specific pool costs for each pool design, the laws applicable in the Florida construction sector also introduce extra maintenance costs. Under the Florida Residential Building Code and the Florida Building Code, every pool owner should install an alarm system and fence the pool area for safety.

You must meet these two major specifications to avoid losing your pool access permit, rendering the installation project inapplicable. To avoid these restrictions, you need to consider outsourcing additional labor to install the fence as specified and the security alarm system. Depending on your chosen alarm company, you can also look at monthly subscription fees for the security system.

Adding these expenses to the installation and maintenance fees should give you a reasonable estimation of your initial and annual costs. Upon finding the price that works for you, reach out to your pool expert or service provider to establish the best way to move forward toward installing your dream pool.

The Takeaway

Overall, installation and maintenance costs are only a fraction of the considerations in choosing a pool design. You must also assess the practicality of installing one design over another and the possibility of replacing your current plan if your preferences change. Nevertheless, with an experienced pool expert to guide you, you are sure to make a great decision that gives you access to an affordable, enjoyable, and practical pool design for your home.

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Nothing beats the experience of having your dream pool right next to you all year round, with no waiting lines or service fees to pay for use. You can enjoy the warm tropical weather and cool off in your pool anytime, giving you the perfect balance right at home. To achieve this, you must understand the various costs you will incur to help you stay within budget. Additionally, you want to understand the type of recurrent costs to anticipate as you choose your pool design, among other elements.

At Oak Wells Aquatics, we dedicate our services to our clients in Florida looking to revamp or install a new pool system. Our goal is to provide you with as much information as necessary about inground pools and the costs associated with their installation and maintenance.

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