Why use an Answering Service For Your Construction Company

As a pool & spa remodeling business owner, you desire to develop strong and long-lasting business relationships with your customers. With today’s market competitiveness, your business must outsmart your competitors to stay ahead. The internet has allowed customers to access all sorts of service providers.

The competitiveness calls for you as a pool & spa remodeling company to offer excellent customer service to maintain your customers and gain new ones. Let your customers feel valued and as part of your business. The only way to achieve this satisfaction is by promptly catering to their concerns and professionally handling their issues.

It’s your responsibility to let your customer know you care, and you can achieve this by always answering their calls rather than have them leave a message on your voicemail. Achieving this may prove hard, especially when you are out of the office, and it is vital to hire answering phone service providers. With an answering phone service provider, you and your customers will reap the following benefits:

Call Answering Services are Prompt

Despite knowing the importance of always answering a customer call whenever it comes through, sometimes a call can go unanswered if you are on another call, out of the office, or maybe it is during the holidays. Unanswered calls may make you lose a potential customer as well as give your company a negative review. Answering service providers have agents who work 24/7, which will ensure that you never miss a call. Answering agents will also handle your calls discreetly and professionally; they will also answer all the customer’s questions.

Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed When Using An Answering Service

In a pool & spa remodeling business, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. You should make your business all about customer satisfaction, from your remodeling services to how you handle clients when they seek you out. The first impression may mean more business to you or may also send a customer to your competitors.

Answering phone service providers will answer any questions that a potential customer has professionally, leaving them satisfied. The agents speak in a friendly manner, which puts your customers at ease, making them feel special. A customer may also call your company with an inquiry that they feel isn’t important; the way the agent will answer, assuring your customer that their query is valid, will satisfy the customer and make them loyal.

An Answering Service Could Reduce Confusion

With an answering service, your company will benefit from the organization that comes from call management. The answering service will organize calls, making it easier for you and your staff to attend to your customers promptly. With organization, you will avoid the confusion that comes in when answering your phone whenever it rings.

Increased Staff Productivity

Your staff’s productivity level will increase when your team has to concentrate on their jobs without the constant disruption of answering the phone whenever it rings. If your staff member is working on some designs when the phone rings, they will have to answer the phone, which will take their concentration away from their projects.

Appointment Scheduling and Follow-up Calls

With trained agents answering your calls, they will take all the customer’s relevant information and schedule an appointment on your behalf. They will then ensure that your office receives this information to ensure you are aware of the appointment. answering service providers will also make follow up calls to remind your clients of their upcoming appointment. Follow-up calls and reminders are an efficient way of ensuring you do not experience no-shows on your scheduled appointments.

Call Dispatch During Emergency Situations

Emergencies in the pool & spa industry are inevitable. For instance, your client’s pool could break and overflow. Because of this, they will require your immediate response. The answering service provider will dispatch these emergency messages to you.

You Remain Always on the Know

To run a successful pool & spa business, you will need to know whatever is happening with your customers at the office and have all the essential information at your fingertips. They will always update you with the scheduled appointments with an answering service and if any customer complaints need your attention.

Offer a Personal Touch

In today’s business, competition has become stiffer, and customer expectation has also risen. To gain an edge over your competitors, you will need to up your game by providing your customers with excellent service. Letting your customer talk to a real person when they call your office will increase their satisfaction and, at the same time, meet their expectations. A live agent will interact with a customer at their level and show the customer that their concerns are valid, which will go a long way in boosting their confidence in you.

Increase your Growth Rate

It is the dream of every business owner to grow from one level to the next. One way of achieving this dream is to improve your customer base, translating to your revenue increase. A satisfied customer will always offer you more business and refer your services to their family and friends.

Build your Reputation

Your reputation will play a significant role in your business success; answering services will always professionally answer your customers’ questions. Answering services can also manage your online presence, and this will build your reputation as a reliable company and that values its customers.

You Enjoy Enough Time on Leave

Having a work-life balance is essential to having a productive life, but you can attain it if you are always at the office. An answering service will ensure you enjoy enough downtime to recharge and be at your peak when you meet with your customers. You will have peace of mind knowing there is someone responsible for handling your customers.

Turn callers into Business Leads

Answering service providers have trained their agents in the art of converting calls to concrete business leads. When a prospective customer calls your office, an agent will answer in a manner that will show them that you are the right company to handle their pool & spa remodeling.

It is Cost-efficient

When you want to run a cost-efficient office, hiring an answering service is the way to go compared to hiring an in-house receptionist to work during office hours and another one to work after office hours. An in-house receptionist will require your time and resources, something you can utilize to scale your business to the next level.

When you engage the answering service provider, they will receive your calls at their place and then send the information to you. This arrangement will save you the money you could spend on renting an office space for an in-house receptionist.

Saves you Time

Time is an expensive commodity that you need to treat as the treasure it is. With answering service, their agents are in a position to filter telemarketers.  When you concentrate your time on your work and let the answering service deal with your office’s administrative side, it will free up some time for you and your staff. With enough time to work on your projects, you find a tremendous increase in your productivity, which in the end will lead to an increase in revenue.

Bi-Lingual agents

As you grow your business, you will need to hire an answering service that offers your customers bi-lingual services. This service will ensure your customers have someone who understands their language handle their questions. A Bi-lingual service comes in handy when dealing with prospective customers who feel comfortable communicating or expressing themselves in a specific language.

Makes your Business Sound Professional to Customers

An answering service makes your business sound professional to clients, which is an added advantage, especially if your business is small. The agents are professionally trained to handle your clients with the utmost professionalism, which gives the impression of a professional pool & spa remodeling company.

Customized services

When you hire an answering service provider, you may have them answer your phone under your company’s name, and they will add any relevant information that you would love your callers to have. You can also indicate the type of questions you would like your callers asked, which will be essential in collecting data.

Increase in Revenue

even when your business is not hiring a receptionist to take all your calls and manage other administrative tasks, but their job is still done will allow your company to have extra cash. Answering service saves you the money you would spend hiring a receptionist, training them, paying their benefits, and other expenses due to other employees.

Create Brand Awareness

Creating brand awareness contributes significantly to your remodeling company’s success and will require a lot of time and investment to build it. Answering services help build your brand, making it well known within the shortest time possible. They assure your customers about your services, which in turn will enhance your brand awareness.

Create Customer Rapport

Creating a rapport with your potential customers is vital to your pool & spa remodeling company’s success in your business line. Answering service agents are well trained in phone etiquette and in creating rapport with your customers. Customer rapport ensures that they are already warmed up by the time they speak to you.

Keep Records

Answering service keeps a record of the calls they made, making it easy for you to follow them. You will spend less time trying to put together who to deal with first, as this is already dealt with by the agents.


With an answering service, you will have ample time away from the office without worrying about your calls. Having the peace of mind that your calls will always be answered promptly will give you the flexibility to try other new projects or take that vacation you’ve been planning on taking.


When dealing with your calls, a missed call can give you stress, especially if you call back and receive no answer. You are not sure if it is a potential customer or not. This can leave you with anxiety, which can lead to a stressful life. A phone answering service will take your calls, and you will never have to deal with missed calls.

Call Screening

Answering services offer great help when it comes to dealing with telemarketers. There is nothing more frustrating than receiving a call when you are in the middle of something, only for the call to be from a salesperson offering something irrelevant to you. You can avoid this stress and frustration when you hire an answering service provider.

Integrations of CRM

Answering services have their agents trained in Customer Relationship Management (CRM); this service will significantly help your company improve its relationship with its existing customers while winning new ones.  With a CRM system to have your customer’s data collected and organized in a way that will make it easily accessible to your office.

Free –trial

Before hiring an answering service provider, take their offer of a free trial to ensure they are compatible with your company’s policies. A free trial will show you what to expect when you subscribe to the answering phone service. You can place a call as a potential customer and see how they will handle your call, or call as an existing customer to know how they will handle your callers.

No Contract

When you hire answering phone service providers, you do not have to sign any binding contract. You are free to subscribe to any payment method and change it as it suits you. You can also choose to terminate the service at any time if it does not meet your expectations without fearing any legal repercussions.


Hiring an answering service provider has become an important business decision as it enhances your company’s performance. In today’s business, having an edge over your competitors is vital in ensuring your success. It is important to note that you will also save a lot of money when you hire an answering service instead of having an in-house receptionist.

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