Residential Pool Remodeling

Inground pools, fountains, and spray areas are all the rage. Not only do they help to keep your family cool, but they are also a great way to exercise and spend time bonding with the family. At Oak Wells Aquatics, the professional staff understands that any type of water-related construction is a huge investment in your home. If you currently have a pool in your home and are looking to remodel a swimming pool, you want to hire a contractor who has the knowledge and expertise to design and remodel a pool that meets or exceeds the needs of your family. Call 904-619-3281 and find out how the designers at Oak Wells Aquatics can help you come up with the perfect solution to all of your swimming and water/recreational needs.

New Pool Construction and Remodeling

Adding a pool to your property or adding a new look will take a lot of hard work. It's important that you choose a pool that is the right size to accommodate your family but still fit nicely in the space you have available. With any new construction or remodel, there are many design factors that you will have to decide upon. In addition to the overall design, you must also choose the materials. While the size of the construction and the materials you use will depend a great deal on your overall budget, your contractor will be able to help you find cost-effective ways that will help you achieve your goals.

Every step of the design process must be well thought out if you want your pool to last. There is so much more to an inground swimming pool than what you see on the surface. Each pool is constructed using layer upon layer of materials. Every layer plays a role and when you finally add the decking and final touches, you want to make sure that everything is put together correctly so there are no leaks or cracks to worry about. The contractors at Oak Wells Aquatics will take the time to explain the construction process and what steps are being taken so that your pool will be able to withstand years of use.


Swimming pools, fountains, spas, and other outdoor water areas will eventually require repairs. Even with regular maintenance, over time, parts will end up wearing out and will need to be replaced. Following a yearly maintenance schedule that includes cleaning the pool, adjusting the chemicals, cleaning the filters, and heaters. Residential pools that are used on a daily basis will need to have maintenance more frequently than those that are used seasonally.

Residential pools that are in constant use need to be maintained but without disrupting the schedule that your family uses the pool. At Oak Wells Aquatics, each team of professional maintenance techs will work diligently to limit the amount of time the pool is down for both maintenance and repairs. They have the knowledge and experience to perform their tasks quickly and efficiently making sure no time is wasted in the process.


Unlike regular maintenance and repairs, renovations can take several weeks or months to complete. While it is not as invasive as installing an entirely new pool, the amount of construction will be similar if you have to replace or are adding underground waterlines. Renovations can include replacing the pool liner, reconstructing the steps, rebuilding the deck, replacing broken or damaged tile, or adding fountains or a splash pad. Smart renovations are designed to bring your old pool back in line with newer, more advanced industry standards. These renovations not only improve the look and function of your pool but will also help with energy efficiency as well.

In most cases, renovations are required when extensive repairs are needed. If the renovations are extensive enough, it may pay to upgrade the entire pool. Simple renovations are often much simpler and more cost-effective than trying to upgrade your recreational area and bring in the project on a deadline. Performing a few timely renovations, especially where a residential pool is concerned may be the best choice, especially if a larger upgrade will be needed at a later date. A few minor renovations will prevent the need for the major work and years to your pool. This will save you money in the long run and allow you to make the major upgrades on your own time.


Unlike renovations, upgrades are performed when you want to make a major change in the look or functionality of your pool or recreational area. When it comes to upgrading a residential swimming pool or recreational area in your home, you will almost need to treat the project as a new installation. If the swimming pool is made larger, you will probably have to upgrade both the underground plumbing as well as the heating units to accommodate these new changes. This will also include evaluating the effectiveness of the skimmer and other working components to make sure they will still be effective when used with a larger pool system.

When you upgrade the construction of your pool, you will also want to look into upgrading the electrical components as well. Replacing old bulbs and light fixtures with LED lights, will not only improve your energy efficiency but also make the pool much safer, reducing the risk of short circuits and other electrical malfunctions. At Oak Wells Aquatics, their highly trained, professional staff will be able to identify areas where upgrades will provide the most benefits and provide your home with the best possible recreational area.

Remodeling for Energy Efficiency

A swimming pool can be one of the biggest energy drains on a home. Not only does it require constant maintenance, but it also must be chemically adjusted on a daily basis. Between the constant evaporation of the water and keeping the water at the proper temperature, your energy usage can skyrocket. This is where having trained professionals who specialize in pool maintenance can save the day. Revamping your heating system by installing a new heater and running energy efficient wiring and lighting, you can reduce your electrical cost dramatically saving hundreds of dollars every year.

When it comes to keeping your water usage low, replacing water that either evaporates or is splashed onto the decking can also become a major expense. Having a retractable pool cover installed that will keep the water at a comfortable temperature is just one way to prevent water evaporation and help to keep heating costs to a minimum. Smart renovations are known to include upgrading the heating and filtration systems so they are more efficient. They can also include swapping older lighting systems for newer, more energy efficient, LED lighting. LED lights will last for several years compared to the months of life you will get out of an incandescent or fluorescent bulb.

Remodeling with Water Slides and Accessories

No pool is complete without a diving board or water slide. When you are looking into building a new pool or renovating an existing one, you want to add accessories that will allow a wider audience to enjoy the area. Accessories can include a net for water volleyball, diving boards at various heights, or large spiral slides. Almost every pool is equipped for lane dividers. These are essential for avid swimmers who use the pool as an exercise tool. For large, Olympic or competition size swimming pools, having the dividers will allow an individual to swim comfortably without bothering others who may be in another area of the pool.

With the addition of slides and diving boards, you will also have an additional layer of maintenance needs. The slides and diving boards will need to be checked regularly to ensure they are both firmly secured and in good working order. At Oak Wells Aquatics, the professional staff can help you find numerous ways to keep your guests entertained while they are visiting your pool. Water slides, especially, should be checked regularly. Over time, they can become loose and may start to wobble if not properly secured. A quick, daily check is the best way to make sure both your slides and diving boards are in good working order.

Remodeling for People with Disabilities 

If you have family members or guests with disabilitiesand have a swimming pool installed on the property and want the pool to be able to be accessed by individuals with disabilities. There are several things that you need to consider.  This may include installing a lift that will lower the individual from their wheelchair, safely into the water and then back again when they are ready to vacate the pool. At Oaks Wells Aquatics, they know the rules and regulations that were set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act. They can work with you to ensure that your home is in full compliance with all of the guidelines to provide the best experience for someone living with disabilities.

If renovations or upgrades are needed in this area, their trained team of specialists can help you to design areas that will best suit the needs of those in question. Simple changes will make it easy for everyone who visits your pool to be able to have a quality experience in or around your pool, splash pad or splash around. The team can also help you come up with new and creative ways to include additional fixtures to your set up so that major renovations may not be needed.

Tiling and Decks

Tiling is used for many different purposes other than simply to decorate your pool and make it look pretty. Tiles are used to mark the water line and identify areas around steps so that they are easy to find and navigate. Tiles are also smooth. This makes it easy to keep clean and easy to maintain. Their smooth surface will also make it easy to identify areas that may be cracking or chipping due to age.

Your deck is one of the most important features of your pool. Decorative concrete is one of the latest trends in pool decking and will keep it looking its best. At the same time, the unique texture will keep your guests from slipping or sliding, especially when there is water present. Decorative concrete also absorbs light, minimizing the reflectivity of the sun and reducing glare. The use of both tile and concrete makes it easy to keep your deck clean. Pick up any small pieces of debris and spray it down. Before you know it, your decking is spotless and clean.

Fountains and Underground Plumbing

Splash grounds, splash pads, and fountains are excellent ways to stay cool in the summer and keep the kids occupied for hours. If you plan on including any of these unique recreational ideas, you will also want to look into the cost of adding underground plumbing. Splash pads and splash grounds normally have water that shoots up out of the ground creating a rhythmic fountain that sprays jets of water in many different directions. While these are fun features to include, you will want to work hand in hand with the staff of Oak Wells Aquatics to make sure you plan your design carefully.

Underwater plumbing may be used to some extent in every pool design, but for a splash pad or splash ground, you will have to consider that when the area is not in use, you will need to have a way to turn off the system to prevent wasting water and electricity. The contractors at Oak Wells Aquatics can help you create a design as well as incorporate everything you need to maintain the underground plumbing that supports each of these popular features.

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