Commercial Pool Lighting and Ambiance

A well-lit pool and a pleasant ambiance are among the things that we all want in commercial pools. Good lighting is essential in bringing a sense of balance to your pool and its ambiance. A beautiful landscape, on the other hand, provides the proper backdrop for the pool experience. Pool lighting and ambiance go hand in hand in bringing your pool to life. They give an aura of relaxation to the masses of people who enjoy using the pool, especially at night.

Commercial pool operators require equipment that is exceptional and well made. It is also necessary for the lighting and ambiance of your pool to portray your original vision. Oak Wells Aquatics offers complete commercial swimming pool lighting and ambiance services in Jacksonville, FL. Our services stretch from building custom water parks, lazy rivers to fountain entrances. In this article, we will explain what pool lighting and ambiance are all about.

Understanding Commercial Pool Lighting and Ambiance

If you have been limiting your swimming time to daylight hours only, you have been missing out on half the fun of owning a commercial pool. No one, however, wants to swim in a pitch dark pool. You may never know what is lurking at the bottom. You can never go wrong with adding lighting to your pool, no matter the design or size. Whatever kind of light you intend on using in your pool, you can be sure that your pool will improve aesthetically, and you will have a fantastic ambiance. Not only does lighting make your pool and its surroundings more attractive, but it also makes it a lot safer to use.

Commercial Pool Lighting Options

There are many lighting styles and options that you can choose from while constructing your commercial pool, as we will discuss below.

LED Lights

LED lights are the latest swimming pool lighting technology. These lights create the perfect blend of rich and vibrant colors underwater. They produce brighter lights that liven up the pool and will make swimmers have double the fun when they swim, even after the sun is gone for the day. With LED lights, you will only need a few bulbs to illuminate light because they have a higher frequency. 

LED lights can be expensive to install. However, if you are trying to conserve as much energy as possible, consider using LED lights. They can generate up to five different colors in up to seven diverse predefined programs. To show a beautiful display of a variety of colors, you will only need a flip of a switch. Therefore, you are more likely to enjoy the pool at any time because you can set the mood you prefer. The old technology incandescent pool lights used many watts to light a pool bulb by using electricity that went through an interior filament to create light. These bulbs also produced heat. You do not have to worry about leaving lights on because of the wattage when using the LED lights. LED pool lights use a microchip instead of a filament that electrical currents pass through to illuminate the LED light. They also have built-in heat sinks that help them remain cool. To add on to all this LED goodness, they can last up to 20 years while producing the same amount or more light than the incandescent light. 

Incandescent Lights

Incandescent lights are the traditional pool lighting systems that use the standard bulbs to light up the pool. The concept of how it works is pretty much similar to the standard bulbs used indoors. Before the Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) came to existence, incandescent lights were prevalent in almost every commercial pool.

Incandescent lights only provide white light and use more energy compared to the other types of lighting. Installing incandescent lights is less expensive than LED lights; however, this old technology has some disadvantages when compared to the new kind of pool lighting system. This traditional lighting system uses more electricity than other types of lighting. Also, the pool light option carries high maintenance costs like the constant exchanging of bulbs in the long run. Incandescent lighting is suitable for pools that prefer sticking to a common theme. Therefore, if you need a space with a simple and ordinary theme where you can enjoy your vacation without much hype, then incandescent lighting might work for you. These lights have a short life span that can only stretch to about 5,000 hours.

Halogen Lights

This is the next generation of pool lights that evolved, replacing incandescent bulbs. Their lifespan is also elongated compared to the predecessor version. Halogen lighting has been modified in the sense that it managed to utilize less energy of not more than 20%. This feature made it pocket-friendly for many pool owners, including commercial pools. Like the predecessor, it also uses the filament technology to light the bulb. Nevertheless, the halogen bulbs are smaller as well as they have a gas inside the bulb that allows it to function well even at higher temperatures. On the other hand, the bulbs are too costly, with their value doubling that of an incandescent bulb.

Solar Lighting

Solar lighting makes use of green energy. Thus, it does not use too much power. It has a unique ability to charge underwater when the sun is out, thanks to its solar panels. A crucial point to note about this option of pool lighting is that it lasts for about ten hours, meaning you do not require a battery or an electric grid for support.

Solar being a renewable source of energy is a fundamental module of an increasingly diverse future when it arrives at the production of energy. This means that in a situation where there is a glitch with the electric grids or power outages, solar lighting systems will not be affected. Your normal swimming activities could go on even in times of a power outage. Although it shines a lot when it is installed in the pool, it is efficient in illuminating the pathway and surfaces of the pool to make the pool much more noticeable.

Fiber Optic Lighting

These pool lighting options are made in such a way that the bulb is mounted in a dry box on the pool patio. The light from the bulb comes from the box that travels through the fiber optic cable. The light is emitted from the cable, thereby illuminating the pool beautifully. It has an electric motor that rotates the color wheel, causing it to change colors.

Fiber optic lighting system has an advantage in that it allows easy access and makes replacing the bulbs easy. It also has no electric currents flowing in the water, making this system a lot safer. The initial installation of this lighting is on the pricey side, and the lights can last up to 7 years. However, this pool lighting option will make your pool the eye candy of the party.

Types of Commercial Pool Lighting 

When choosing the best kind of pool lights, you should consider lights that add color and personality to your pool area. Here are some of the types that you can choose from to brighten up your pool.

Floating LED Lighting

These floating pool lights come in different styles and colors. They create the ultimate pool party atmosphere. Finding one that will be easy on your pockets is not a hard job because there are so many options to choose from. You can decide to place the floating lights once the pool is already in place, and it requires little to no expertise to install. You can choose either the rechargeable solar energy floating light or the battery operated lights. The rechargeable solar lights use energy from the sun that they will use to illuminate at night. They are an amazing option because they are energy-efficient. On the other hand, battery-powered floating lights generate more light and will brighten your pool area much better.

Halogen Flood Lighting

Although these lights are much more affordable and easier to install, they have a short lifespan compared to LED lights.

LED Floodlighting

This lighting system can be installed anywhere around your pool because it can illuminate light over a large area. They are cheaper to install and save more energy than halogen lights. When using these kinds of floodlights, it is important to ensure that you do not over illuminate your pool because the ambiance will be lost.

Flush-Mounted Underwater Pool Lights

The flush-mounted underwater pool lights are LED lights that are mounted on the walls of your pool. The lights are fixed inside the pool wall; hence, they do not break easily. Halogen flush-mounted lights use more power than and require more maintenance than LED lights. They are also expensive to install, especially if this had not been catered for during the construction of the pool.

Surface-Mounted Underwater LED Light

These lights are easy to install and replace whenever you need an upgrade. They stick a little further from the wall; hence, they can break easily. They are quite common in underwater pool lighting because they give ample lighting. They are also inexpensive to purchase and install compared to other lighting options.

Surface-Mounted Underwater Halogen Pool Light

These are cheaper compared to other lighting options. They are also cheaper to maintain but consume way more energy than LED pool lights.

Feature Lighting

You can decide to either use LED or halogen lighting to highlight a feature of your pool area. Lighting up waterfalls, trees, and other landscaping features around your commercial pool could be a fun way to spice up your pool ambiance.

Factors You Need to Consider When Selecting Commercial Pool Lighting

There are various factors that you should consider if you want the best pool lighting that will match your needs.

The Pool Interior

The size, shape, and the interior color of your pool will determine the number of lights that you will need to install. If the color of the interior is lighter, you will need fewer bulbs because more light will be reflected and vice versa. You should also ensure that your lighting is balanced. A small space will require a few lights. Your pool should neither be under-balanced nor overly done.

Long Term Costs

LED lights could be expensive to buy, but they will last longer than the rest of the lighting options. Cheap might be expensive in the long run. The amount of energy that the lights consume also should be a factor you want to consider. Put into consideration the maintenance costs and choose the plan that works for you best.

The Position of the Bulbs

The lights should be placed in strategic positions where you can enjoy the view of the pool surroundings. The pool should be well lit, but the lights should not be facing the sitting area as this could interfere with the ambiance. The lights should illuminate the pool from different angles.

The Landscape of Your Pool

Pool lighting should not only be done inside the pool but also in the whole pool area. You should consider having lights around the pool deck and on the pathways that lead to the pool. The lighting should be efficient in ensuring that navigation in and out of the pool is easy and safe. Consider installing floodlights around the pool area for maximum coverage.

Pool Lighting Options

Pool lighting, as stated earlier, comes in a wide array of colors. Having a lighting option that will give you the flexibility to change the color of the lights as per the mood is important.

Benefits of Commercial Pool Lighting and Ambiance

Adding lights in and around your pool area will enhance your pool's appearance and transform your pool into an oasis of peace, especially at night. There are many benefits of adding pool lights, as we will discuss below.

Enhancing Safety

The addition of light in the pool enhances swimming safety. The pool light provides illumination for nighttime swimming, making it safer and more pleasurable. It boosts contrast and brings to light transitions between the pool and decks, stairways, footpaths, and other hard-to-see spots. Not only is it easier for clients using the pool to see at night, but it also offers better visibility for watching others, especially children, novice swimmers, and pets. The pool lighting will also prevent you from accidentally tripping or falling in during the night.

Setting the Mood

If you have ever swum in a commercial pool with fantastic lighting and ambiance, you might be aware of the magical glow it gives the pool. This magical lighting creates a paradise-like aura that adds beauty to the swimming pool environment. A colorful effect around the pool gives you peace of mind and at the same time, uplifting your mood. Whether it is a party theme, romantic theme, or a fun theme, the pool lighting allows you to connect with the magical ambiance making swimming fun. Therefore by taking a night swim, you stand a chance of getting a relaxing pool experience that is made possible by the ambient lighting.

Highlighting the Spectacular Features

The illumination provided by the pool light makes it easy for one to see. The clients can enjoy the magical views and stunning features surrounding the pool. Some of the unique features you are likely to experience are Baja shelves, waterfalls, colorful stairways, spas, bubblers, among others. Therefore, if you intend to chill with your friends and family at the poolside while enjoying the party, the spectacular environment may do the job of uplifting your mood.

Book the Pool for Night Celebrations

People tend to enjoy their vacations and parties on pool sides during the day. It is rare to find such parties being extended to the night due to poor visibility or safety issues. However, a credible pool light system might fill this gap. The commercial pool light and ambiance gives the best glamour experience by allowing you to extend the party at night. You can also request for a change in light moods to bring a unique ambiance depending on different celebrations.

Find Commercial Pool Lighting and Ambiance Services Near Me

There are many ways to enjoy your vacation, such as taking a nighttime dip during the hot summer. However, since a commercial pool is an immense entertainment hub, you might want to use it without limitations of daylight. Therefore, having a pool light in place allows the party to go on until the sun goes down. Get a chance of transforming your party this summer by trying out our commercial pool with modern lighting that allows you to enjoy customized colors to suit your party themes.

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