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Living in and around Jacksonville, Florida, means nearness to beautiful sandy beaches - and everyone likes to get out to the ocean to swim now and then. But, this part of the country also has a high rate of home pool ownership; and with good reason - the sweltering summer heat, year-round pool usability, and the convenience of swimming in your own back yard instead of always having to head to an often crowded beach shore.

If you are interested in residential pool installation for your home or vacation home in Jacksonville, FL, or in surrounding areas of Northeast Florida or Southeast Georgia, don't settle for less than the best in terms of pool design and construction and professional customer service. 

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Customized Residential Pools

There are many decisions that go into building a swimming pool, but the first step is simply to form a vision of what it is you are looking for in a pool. In part, that's a highly personal choice and every pool will be unique. But at the same time, we can share with you our expertise as to what's possible and what's practical as well as examples of what others have done to achieve stunning results.

Perusing our gallery of completed pools, or viewing all the various shapes, sizes, and types of residential pools you can find online or in pool and aquatics focused magazines is a great way to get started. At that point, communicate your vision with us and gain the input of our longtime professional experience!

Aside from decisions concerning aesthetics, you need to decide on which basic type of pool you want. A concrete pool with either a plaster or aggregate finish is very popular today. Concrete reinforced with steel can form the inner shell, while the face is covered with plaster/aggregate and then pool tiles. Concrete's strength and durability combined with the water-holding ability of plaster (concrete itself is porous) is a classic way to build a pool.

There's also the possibility of ordering a fiberglass pool, but these normally come as a once-piece pre-made shell rather than allowing for custom design. But there are still many shapes and sizes to choose from and the ability to customize other aspects of the pool and environs. Finally, vinyl pools are the third major type, and while they are cheaper to build, they don't last as longer either and are generally less luxurious.

That's why inground pools are normally made of concrete and rebar, as mentioned above. But there are many ways to add variety to the pool surface. For example, not only various colors and styles of tiling, but also stones, pebble aggregate, or man made textures are often used to line the surface of many modern pools.

But the bottom line is, Oak Wells Aquatics will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure your pool is built to your exact specifications. Every pool we build is like a work of art - we aim for not only strength, longevity, and functionality, but also lasting beauty. We take the time to get even the smallest details right and to customize all aspects of pool design and construction to our clients' wishes.

A Complete Pool & Pool Area

While the pool itself is the main event, alone, it would seem naked and uninviting to swim in. It's the accompaniments and pool surrounds that give it class, comfort, and convenience. The pool tiles add color, patterning (often mosaics), and may also mark the division between deep and shallow areas of the pool. The coping (or "capstone") sits atop the perimeter of the entire pool. It lays on a "bond beam" that supports it and bonds with it securely, and is normally made of concrete or brick (and may sometimes be pre-cast.)

The pool decking surrounds the inground pool in most cases and is often made of stamped, decorative concrete nowadays. Thus, it may be more like a patio than a deck, although wood pool decking is still sometimes done. The pool deck is made of materials that are specially slip resistant, won't be ill affected by frequent exposure to water and chlorine, and that reflect the sun and don't easily fade due to UV rays.

Water effects like rolling waterfalls, in-pool or near-pool fountains, pool sprinklers, and adjacent and/or connected jacuzzis and spas are also very popular. The same can be said of pool "toys" like water slides, in-pool playgrounds, spray grounds and spray pads, and more.

And of course, adding pool stairs and railings, in and/or near pool benches, pergolas, gazebos, greenery, and other elements can greatly enhance the usability and enjoyability of your pool area. Finally, a pool fence and gate or even enclosure, should also not be overlooked as a possibility.

Oak Wells Aquatics Goes to Work!

The pool construction process begins with the design and planning stage. We can go over initial project goals with you even during your free consultation when you call us - but then we'll need to meet in person and go into greater depth on your plans. This is where you decide if you want a large rectangular pool perfect for water volleyball, a narrow rectangle suitable for swimming sprints, or a relaxing, attractive boomerang, heart, or guitar shape (for example). 

We will determine the exact dimensions, contours, and depth of your pool. And use advanced computer technology to design it down to the details. We then have to match the pool design to the landscaping or "lay of the land" into which it will be "planted." We survey the area, measuring building setbacks, locating any utilities we should be aware of, and thinking through how the construction site will be accessed by workers and to bring in heavy materials as needed.

Next, we come up with a detailed written blueprint and step by step plan, and we determine which permits (if any) may be needed from local or state governments. We can handle the legal, permitting process for you so you don't have to be bothered with it. And we are fully experienced at ensuring that our pools and pool area structures comply with all state and local building codes. This can involve safety protocols like for electric and plumbing work, besides for structural soundness - so it's a big deal. We are experts at navigating this process for you.

Finally, it’s time to break ground! We set up form boards and markers and begin to dig. We use both modern equipment and good old fashioned shovels as needed to remove dirt and rocks to get the pool "hole" to the proper depth and fully ready to receive the pool wall. Also, we do everything possible to avoid damaging your lawn during this process. If some grassy areas do get trod down by heavy equipment, however, we can replant them with grass seed.

Now it's time to pour the concrete (into well placed form boards) after positioning rebar or other steel reinforcements. Vertical rebar is used, but for wider pools, horizontal bars may also be needed. This steel is carefully positioned for maximum positive impact on the pool's strength and durability. Drains and other piping that needs to go through the pool wall is also put in prior to pouring the concrete - this is called "stubbing out."

A finish is applied to the fully set concrete, normally via a spray on method using "shotcrete" or gunite. The pool floor also must be laid down in concrete - at high levels of compression and with a thickness of at least 6 inches in most cases. Pebble aggregate or decorative stones can then be added to the pool's outer shell if desired. And then, when the gunite or other shell has fully dried, we can lay down the pool tile. There are dozens of high quality and highly decorative tiles to choose from, and the variations include not only different colors but various textures, patterns, and pictures as well. The coping is then laid around the top edge of the pool and sealed to prevent leaking.

At this point, with the pool essentially in place, we can begin fitting out the plumbing, drainage, circulation and filtration systems. We will match you with the type and size of filter that will be suitable for the size and shape of your pool - but again, you will have many viable options. We will install for you all pool equipment, as well as electrical and gas lines if necessary (for pool lights or for a gas run pool heater). 

The pool deck/patio is the next step. We apply our most intense workmanship and skill to make your pool deck look perfect. We can handle all kinds of curves and contours in the decking, and we know how to make it stable, durable, slip-resistant, and beautiful. We can achieve all kinds of patterns and effects using brick, stone, or stamped concrete.

A special coating will also need to be applied to the finished pool and tiles to help it resist scratching or other damage. Plus, many modern pool finish coatings help to create different moods and effects.

Before leaving you with your brand new inground swimming pool, we will always clear the job site of all waste materials or garbage. And we also will go over all of our work to doublecheck it is perfect and complete. Our staff will also give you helpful advice on how to maintain your pool and what to do if you have any questions or troubleshooting needs down the road (just call us!)

Why Choose Us?

At Oak Wells Aquatics, we provide you with full service new pool installations, and we can also deal with any and all pool repair needs you may have. We have many years of experience at installing both residential and commercial inground pools in the Jacksonville Area and throughout the whole Southeastern United States.

What sets us apart from our competitors? Glad you asked! First of all, we have deeper and longer and more variegated experience than most other pool and aquatics companies in the area. Our workers are fully trained and have been building everything from a simple backyard "kidney bean" pool to full scale water parks with "lazy rivers," fountains, overhead lighting, accompanying spas, and more. Thus, there is no limit to which pool features we can build for you - it's only limited by the state of cutting edge pool technology and your own imagination.

Second, we do all the pool surrounds too, not just the pool itself. That means we are a one stop shop for getting your whole pool area up and running in as little time as possible and at less than it would likely cost to hire out many jobs to separate contractors. We do screen enclosures, pavers, water features, pool fences, and everything else under one roof!

Third, we use only the finest quality of materials on the market. We have special relationships with the best suppliers and can get discounts that we pass on to you. Every material we use, from the concrete to gunite to tiling to coping to capstone is carefully selected. That said, we also give you options that fit your taste and your budget.

Fourth, we mention that Oak Wells Aquatics is a master at customer customization. We make sure you are getting 100% exactly what you ordered and will be satisfied with the end results. We don't just shoot out pools as if from a one-size-fits-all factory; we avoid that kind of "cookie cutter" mindset and instead make each and every pool and pool area we build a unique masterpiece that both we and you will be proud of.

Finding a New Residential Pool Contractor Near Me

Searching for a reliable, proven residential pool installation expert in Jacksonville, FL, and environs (both in Florida and in Georgia)? Regardless of the exact type or design of pool you prefer, or of what pool surrounds and amenities you may desire - Oak Wells Aquatics is up to the task!

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