Commercial Pool Remodeling

Once in a while, you might need to spruce up the appearance of your pool, primarily if you have invested in it for commercial purposes. The Oak Wells Aquatics company is a construction entity focusing on service construction. Our primary service area is Jacksonville, Florida, where our on-site team is readily available to answer any questions and begin product delivery.

Suitable Pool Properties that Often Require Remodelling

The specific field of commercial pool remodeling brings about the involvement of construction and reconstruction in different structural areas.

  1. Hotel Pools

Firstly, the service of pool remodeling is suitable for hotel swimming pools. Such commercial property is often utilized by different people every day. The exposure to numerous different elements like body oil, sunscreen, or even body fluids in the pool may cause tile discoloration with time. A hotel pool owner should consider the remedy of changing tiles that can qualify as a form of remodeling.

  1. Gym Pools

Similar to hotel pools, gym pools require remodeling, to keep up with the customers’ demands. The most common request made by the gym pool owners is the fitting of heaters for the swimming pool, to accommodate people who prefer to work out early in the morning by taking a good swim.

  1. Apartment Pools

Apart from apartment users, the category also extends to private home users who own pools in their estates. The owners need to take care of and maintain their pools to ensure their efficiency is maintained. This way, they can prevent unnecessary recurrences of mechanical and technical problems in the future.

  1. School Pools

Most school pools in the state of Florida, are built to a measurement ratio similar to Olympic sized pools. They are well designed with dimensions of significant lengths and are equally very wide, to train students the principle of endurance when swimming. However, because of their large sizes, problems may arise, amounting to dysfunctionalities. They, therefore, prompt the need for pool remodeling, often to make replacements of old equipment that may have stopped working.

The Concept of Pool Remodeling

Based on the requests made by our clients, we can begin the method of remodeling a pool. The procedures to be followed often include one or more continuous processes. The articulate following of the stipulated construction guidelines is what brings out the desired results that a client will require.

For over fifteen years, the Oak Wells Aquatics company has taken on this kind of work as well as many other pool projects. They range from the remaking of a pool finishing, replacing deck coatings, adding new plasters and tiles as well as adding new water pumps to ensure proper circulation of the pool water. Most of these processes are linked to pool remodeling. The process of pool remodeling is a common service request by our clients, who entrust us with excellent delivery of quality work.

Commercial pools require an extra amount of work done on them because they are often quite large. As a result, pool remodeling will be a lengthy process. The changes made could be quite drastic and are often an improvement to an old structural design. Other times, the changes made will be quite minimal, including simple tile changes, replastering, and improving finishing. Despite all this, a client’s request always comes first. We endeavor to accurately capture your vision and implement it in construction as best as we can.

There are numerous ways in which we achieve pool remodeling, some of which are discussed below.

Changing the Pool Shape

While making significant renovations, altering the shape of your pool might be on the to-do list. The requirement is warranted by many probable reasons, one of which may be to spice up the design of your property in general simply.

There are numerous designs of shapes to choose from, especially for home and apartment users who have more significant liberty to personalize their designs as much as they desire. We have been able to create new beautiful designs as well, thanks to the creative architects and designers we work with, who are experts at what they do.

Sophisticated round and oval-shaped designs are a popular choice, and probably because of the unusual yet beautiful effect, they bring especially in an apartment and home property. Moreover, we have completed projects that required complete modifications to include waterfall structures that stream into the actual pool, as well as automated electric systems that keep the water from the artificial waterfalls flowing throughout.

Resurfacing a Pool

Upon buying a piece of property with a pool in it, you may desire to add or remove a layer of the pool structure, to include or exclude a deep end. The process is called pool resurfacing. It is a typical project taken on by our service team in Jacksonville. Resurfacing involves adding layers to the pool that make one side deeper than the other. Conversely, pool resurfacing may also include the removal of a deep end to even out the entire layout of the pool and make it horizontally aligned.

The process involves draining all the pool water to enable proper working conditions, followed by ground excavation or leveling, depending on the resurfacing required.

The need to resurface a pool arises from various factors. For the most part, the creation of a deep end in the pool by resurfacing makes it usable by swimmers who need to practice diving skills. Additionally, a school pool may require resurfacing to allow swimming lessons to extend to deep end treading. Because of these necessary requirements, a school or gym pool owner is the most likely client for this kind of service.

However, pool resurfacing is not limited to the gym and school pools. Apartment and hotels may require the service, especially when they would like to add stairs features to enable swimmers to enter and exit the pool comfortably. In addition, concerned parents may not be comfortable with their children swimming in a pool with a deep end, which poses a potential risk of drowning. In this case, therefore, resurfacing is an appropriate remedy.

Additional Pool Features

Theme parks are a huge hit, especially in Florida, where the sun is out for most of the year. Because of this, water parks are a favorite among many. This aspect of likability warrants the water parks to make additional features to keep up with the game.

Remodeling accommodates the installation of different features that make experiences more fun. Pools can be altered to include giant water slides that direct a swimmer into the main pool. To help with friction on the slides, we usually install water jets that regularly release water into the slide feature to allow for a smooth glide. A waterpark pool remodeling process could also involve linking two pools through formulating a canal or a single open channel. The remodeling is made possible by the excavation of a chunk of land to pave the way for the channels. We can also do renovation in the fitting and installation of overhead water splashers in a water park. They require the installation of particular pipes and pumps that function to flow the water upwards and out through the splashers.

Spa Lights

For spa pools, there is a need for an added aesthetic feature, especially one that draws people in. A highly recommended way to improve the general appearance of a spa pool is by the addition of pool lighting. There are unique kinds of bulbs that are waterproof and work well underwater. In addition, the lights come in numerous colors, including those that can interchange color at intervals. The process of remodeling to fit such lights will include draining all the water in the pool. Afterward, constructors will require to dismantle the tile work on the floor of the pool and make small excavations into the concrete, to fit wiring. This particular step is crucial because it is through the installation that the lights can function. It is essential to carefully seal the concrete after fixing the wires and light bulbs in place, or else risk a case of faulty electric shock. The result could be dangerous and could easily result in fatal injuries. It is therefore recommended that you consult companies that offer professional services like Oak Wells Aquatics, which guarantee proper service delivery.

The spa lights can also be fitted around the edge of the pool, on the docks. The fitting should be well designed to avoid contact of water drainage channels with any electrical appliance that may be fitted to aid with the lighting.

If all the necessary precautions and instructions are considered and implemented, your spa pool will go from an average to a spectacular look, thanks to the fitting of the lights.

Pool Heaters

As mentioned earlier, the need for a heated pool is a growing request among customers. The convenience of having a heated pool lies in the name-in that it maintains constant warm temperatures regardless of the degrees in the surrounding environment. This feature is a hit among swimmers who love consistency in carrying out the activity but would prefer more favorable temperatures of the water.

The process in which water is heated involves fitting the pool drainage system with a heat pump. It does not directly offer the heat to make the water temperatures rise. Instead, the heating occurs through a systematic flow of water in and out of the pump. By the use of electric energy, a heat pump garners heat released and distributes it across the pump. At the same time, water coming from the swimming pool is directed into the pump, through the creation of diverted flow. We usually do this to ensure that the water flow is direct to prevent turbulent motion. Once in the heater, the water absorbs the pump’s heat and is then directed out and back into the pool. Constant circulation, therefore, ensures that at the end of it, all the water in the pool is well heated, and the heat is evenly distributed.

Pool Pumps and Pipes

Commercial pool remodeling additionally creates solutions for the removal and replacement of old pipe systems and water pumps. When building a pool, there has to be a structure that houses water pumps. They play a very crucial role in ensuring that the water in the swimming pool circulates through them and back into the pool. Pipes are also critical in draining processes, as they facilitate the suction and flow and water out of the pool structure.

However, because of the constant reliance and use, the pipes and pumps are prone to wearing out and causing dysfunction problems. Clogging is also a common problem in these water systems, primarily because of the dirt collected as the water from the pool circulates in and out of them.

Remodeling will involve the removal of drainage systems step by step. This is done to prevent flooding and loss of pool water that can easily cause such problems if not done correctly. After this, they will be replaced with new material, which should also be accurately fitted to prevent a disjointed that may cause a leakage in the future. We encourage a change of equipment when a problem is noted or discovered, to improve the efficiency of water circulation, which is essential.

Refurbishing and Renovation of Tilework

It is no secret that over time, staining and cracking of tiles in and around a swimming pool are bound to happen. The wear out can significantly diminish the appearance of a swimming pool. The worn-out state of the tiles may hurt commercial pool owners in a big way, especially those who have capitalized on swimming pools as a form of earning income.

Remodeling of such commercial pools aims at refurbishing the old tiles and replacing them with new, better ones. The process to be followed still begins with the complete draining of the water from a pool. After that, the old tiles are removed off the floor and walls by chiseling. The task may take some time, as extra care is required to prevent injuries on the constructors. The area around the dock can also undergo renovation, giving it a fresh new look. Before fitting the new tiles, it is vital to replaster the floors and walls, to provide an even foundation for the ceramics to set.

After the replastering, the new tiles can then be fit, and the renovation is complete. The general appearance of a commercial pool can dramatically change by applying simple remodeling techniques,

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Swimming pools are a fascinating feature to have at home, school, or even when we travel. It is one of the most attractive features that tourists look forward to when visiting a new destination. Even when you are bored at home, swimming is likely to be your most preferred choice of leisure activity. Due to the importance placed on pools, we are here to ensure that yours is in tip-top shape. Should you require commercial pool remodeling, contact Oak Wells Aquatics at 904-619-3281.

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