Interactive Water Features

As general interest in water-themed commercial services keeps rising, so makes the demand for skilled artisans and commercial aquatic engineers to provide them. These experts use their skills to turn your ideas into breathtaking works of art that will keep your patrons coming back for more.

Hiring an expert who fully understands the intricacies of interactive water features will prove to be a wise and cost-effective decision in the long run. Whether you want to install a custom swimming pool for your home or are looking to invest in a full-fledged commercial water park, you can count on Oak Wells Aquatics to professionally guide you through the entire process.

This article has all the information you need on the design, building, and maintenance of interactive water features.

Aspects of Interactive Water Features

By nature, interactive water features are meant to entertain the public. While this interaction implies the project is working as intended, there should also be some limitations as to how far users can go in enjoying themselves. This is meant to prevent vandalization of the system as well as ensuring the safety of users.

To prevent unnecessary water contamination, the feature should have a reasonable boundary to restrict access beyond certain points. It is also advisable to have vital signs asking the public to remove shoes before using the feature as well as keeping animals at a safe distance. Visitors who are suffering from conditions that might contaminate the water should also be kept from using the features. 

Another aspect of an interactive water feature is the design of its water treatment system. While you might be tempted to have a purification system based on the volume of water the feature needs, you should also factor the anticipated number of patrons. The busier the facility will be, the more active the treatment system should be to keep up with the demand for clean water.

Having a well thought out management plan also plays a role in making your interactive water feature a success. From having well-trained staff to carrying out risk assessments, you should be prepared for any eventuality before it becomes operational. If you’re installing a water feature as a business, it’s advisable to ensure it meets all safety regulations before opening it to the public.

As a health measure, clean drinking water, bathrooms, and toilets should be close to prevent unnecessary contamination of the interactive water feature. You should also regularly check the chemical composition of the water to customize your water treatment schedule accordingly.

Types of Interactive Water Features

Modern interactive water features are getting more innovative by the day. Nowadays such projects include complex choreographed water fountains that have a mixture of color and light to present magnificent displays to patrons. These make good use of modern technology to push the boundaries of art. 

Water features are not always so advanced though. The humble garden water fountain is an example of a simple, unique installation that has been a favorite for a very long time. Other types of interactive water features are:

  • Artificial waterfalls
  • Musical fountains
  • Rain chains
  • Cascades
  • Ponds and pools
  • Water jets and artificial geysers

These water features can be classified into two broad categories:

  • Decorative Water Features

Examples are traditional fountains and water jets. Although they are mostly installed as a way of increasing aesthetic value, it’s not uncommon for people to interact with them by dipping hands and feet, or even walking in the water.

  • Interactive Water Features

These types of water features are built specifically with the aim of encouraging public interaction. They welcome people of all ages, with an emphasis being placed on children. They range from facilities that have simple water jets to those that include full body immersion of patrons in water. An excellent example of such a facility is a water park.

Both categories allow certain levels of interaction to patrons. Because of this, it’s crucial for anyone looking to build or manage an interactive water feature to think of the necessary health and safety considerations.

Benefits of Installing Interactive Water Features

History shows that humans have been interested in interactive water features for centuries. In the past, such features mostly depended on gravity. With the invention of electricity, computing and continuing innovation in water-related technology, these water features have become increasingly more complex and spectacular. Some of the benefits you stand to gain from installing such features include:

Healthier Living

Hydrotherapy is one of the benefits your family and the community at large will enjoy if you decide to install an interactive water system. Research shows that water can be used to relieve pain and keep your mind at ease. Cold water can invigorate and stimulate your body, while warm water has a calming and soothing effect.

Spas also help in boosting your body’s immune system and detoxifying. An innovative water feature system can harness all the benefits associated with hydrotherapy.

Better Aesthetics

Professionally designed, installed and maintained interactive water features make your property stand out from the rest. This gives your house or business a sophisticated look that goes a long way in establishing it as a premier destination for visitors.

Higher Property Value

Better aesthetics translate to increased value for your property. The installed water features give your brand an invaluable boost worth more than the amount it cost to purchase the equipment.

More Profitable Business

This is one of the most significant benefits you will enjoy. A company with an interactive water feature system generally attracts more patrons than a similar one without such an installation. More customers mean higher revenue and subsequently, more profit for your business.

Overall Boost to the Local Economy

Water-themed businesses such as water parks have been shown to boost surrounding businesses. Due to the large crowds they attract, smaller entrepreneurs benefit by selling food, t-shirts, toys, and souvenirs. Some municipal councils invest in public water parks as a way of boosting the local economy.

These are just the tangible benefits you’ll realize from building an interactive water feature. There are many other positive aspects, depending on the particular project.

Florida Regulations on Interactive Water Features

Interactive water features are subject to specific rules since the public mostly uses them. These rules cover the following broad categories:

Design and Building Guidelines

An essential requirement is to have your building plans assessed and accepted by the relevant authorities. These plans should conform to fire prevention and building safety standards, among other codes. The guidelines specify what kind of materials should be used to construct the particular water feature you’re interested in.

They also make it possible to install other features such as plumbing and filtration equipment as well as gas and electricity.

Health Guidelines

These guidelines ensure your patrons enjoy the water feature without being exposed to any health risk. They specify how garbage is supposed to be handled around the facility, how used water is supposed to be drained, and how disinfection should be done. They also furnish you with the relevant water quality standards.

This is done to prevent waterborne diseases, and other health scares that might adversely affect your guests as well as your reputation.

Safety Considerations

Because interactive water features require the installation of various equipment, it’s essential that the facility is safe for all that use it. Safety guidelines need you to have visible warning signs directing the use of the water feature. Since electrical equipment is installed close to water sources, there are also strict laws to prevent possible electrocution.

For water features that are frequented by children, you’re required to take appropriate measures to prevent them from drowning. Water spray nozzles should be designed in a way that doesn’t expose them to injury. All surfaces should also be made using materials that prevent slipping and falling. Draining and cleaning of the water feature should be done at regular intervals to avoid slime from collecting.

Why You Need a Qualified Contractor

When you hear about interactive water features, the first thing that comes to your mind is fun. Though water is generally harmless, having your pool, spa or water park equipment installed by a quack contractor can be a nightmare scenario for both you and your guests. 

If not properly installed and maintained these features can easily lead to health risks such as injuries and illness. Improper doses of water treatment chemicals might irritate the skin, eyes as well as the mucous membrane. In severe cases, it might lead to illnesses such as diarrhea caused by waterborne germs such as E. coli.

Such unfortunate mishaps might harm your facility’s reputation, leading to low visitor numbers and ultimately adverse effects on profitability. In extreme circumstances, the authorities might charge you with safety violations. Affected users of your interactive water feature facility might also sue, further hurting your business.

This is why it’s essential to hire a qualified contractor such as Oak Wells Aquatics. Not only will you be guaranteed peace of mind as you enjoy your recreation feature, but it will also last longer and save you money in terms of maintenance.

What to Look for in a Contractor

Successful contractors are known to go beyond the call of duty. They’re also resilient in the sense that they see an opportunity to better their skills no matter how challenging the task is. 

If you’re looking to hire a qualified contractor to install interactive water features, you should pick one with the following qualities:


Your ideal contractor should have strong principles that guide him in carrying out his tasks. He does not do substandard work. Such a contractor will also finish the job on time or ahead of schedule while delivering the highest possible quality. 

His honesty will also prevent him from suggesting additional solutions only designed to earn him more.


A good contractor is creative. This innovation means your project is more likely to benefit from the unique designs, which will remarkably increase its aesthetic as well as financial value.


A contractor who’s been in the trade for many years is in a better position to do high-quality jobs. He or she has dealt with many similar projects in the past, to the point of being familiar with any challenges it might cause. Such a professional can also anticipate any problems and swiftly come up with solutions.


No matter how good your contractor is, if he’s not disciplined, then the project will ultimately fail. A qualified contractor strictly sticks to the plan unless hampered by unforeseen circumstances. He also appears on time and gives maximum focus to your project until the end.

Good Reputation

One way of telling that a contractor is useful is if her reputation precedes her. This could be through the word of mouth or positive online reviews. It makes sense that if more people were impressed with her work, you'd most likely be a happy customer as well.

Law Abiding

Other than having all the necessary credentials required for the job, a professional contractor adheres to relevant laws touching on his or her occupation.

These include safety, health, labor, and tax laws. By hiring a contractor who follows the law, you’re assured that your project will be completed without any legal hiccups.

Excellent Communication Skills

Your ideal contractor should be someone who has great people skills. This is an expert who listens to your concerns and explains potential solutions in a way that you can understand. She should also be able to provide after sales services and respond to your inquiries promptly. 

If you get a contractor with the above or more admirable characteristics, your interactive water features project will be installed professionally, on time and without any extra cost on your part.

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