Spa Lighting and Ambiance

Nowadays, spas are no longer a luxury but a necessity for most people. After adequate prior planning for the installation of a new spa, the process of creating therapeutic spa lighting and ambiance is not overwhelming as long as you got the right expert for the job. Oak Wells Aquatics is a professional spa and swimming pools construction company with a credible reputation in the installation of spas and swimming pools around the Jacksonville area and beyond for both commercial and residential clients.

What You Need to Know About Spa Lighting and Ambiance

When you choose to invest in your health and luxury, a spa is something you need. We all wish to come home to a relaxing atmosphere after a long day at work. Installation of a spa in your home will give you the right kind of tranquility you need for mental and physical relaxation. However, an excellent spa must have good lighting and ambiance to provide a serene environment for relaxation to the homeowner or clients for commercial spas. Good spa lighting and ambiance is the key factor one should consider before making any significant investment in a spa.

The process for spa installation will barely affect your normal day to day life if you choose to have it installed. With the right experts like Oak Wells Aquatics, the process will be smooth with minimal destruction on your day to day life. There are a variety of things that one can do to create good lighting and ambiance in a spa as long as you have enough space for the project. When you take adequate time in planning for the installation of a great spa, the results might exceed your expectation, and you might be having yourself a new best friend. Before you embark on this significant investment in your home, there are a few factors you need to consider concerning the spa lighting and ambiance for the spa to serve its intended purpose well.

Factors to Consider Before Installing a Spa with Great Lighting and Ambiance

When you’re investing in something that will probably change your life in terms of relaxation and luxury, it is always wise to take adequate time to plan for it if you want authentic results from the investment. Below are factors that all great spa owners took into consideration before having them installed.

  1. Placement

When it comes to choosing the ultimate spot for your spa, the place you decide to install it sorely depends on your interests and reasons for the spa. An excellent spa lighting and ambiance installed in an indoor space might differ from the one installed in an outdoor space hence the need for proper planning before coming to your decision on placement. There are two places you can install your spa, that is:

  • Indoors Spa

Installing a spa in an indoor environment might be a bit trickier than installing in an outdoor space because indoor engineering and construction need to meet safety requirements, which will require more work. Typically spas are found in an outdoor environment; however, if you want to take your luxury a notch higher, there is no reason not installing it indoors as long as there is sufficient space. You need to choose a spa installation company that observes proper safety procedures if you need a spa installed in an indoor area when you or your family are living on the premises.

The choice of lighting to install in an indoor space can be a little bit confusing to a layman's person, especially if it is your first time using a spa or rather installing a spa. Oak Well Aquatics will come in handy if you are at a crossroads on the choice of lighting and ambiance to use on your indoor spa. Also, when installing a spa in an indoor space, you’ll have to create a sound ventilation system for great tranquility and ambiance.

  • Outdoor Spa

An outdoor space is an ideal place for the installation of a spa. According to research, it is always wise to install a spa in an outdoor environment since the therapeutic effects of a spa installed outside are highest when the temperature outside is moderately lower than the water temperature of the spa. When installing your outdoor spa, it is also wise not to install it under a tree for great ambiance because it leaves falling, and birds’ droppings can give you additional maintenance work.

Unlike in an indoor spa where the spa can come with its internal lighting, when installing an outdoor spa, you will have a variety of lighting choices to use. You may choose to use spike lighting if you’re looking for something less sophisticated and flexible. Spike lighting is very convenient since it can be stuck temporarily anywhere on the soft ground surrounding the spa. If you want to take lighting and ambiance a notch higher in an outdoor spa, you might also consider hanging fairy lights around the trees and bushes in your yard.

  1. Accessibility

Keep in mind that the average dimensions of a spa are approximately (220 x 215 x 95 cm) and weighing about 200-350 kg. If these aspects are not put into consideration when planning, the installation of the spa can be different and overwhelming. A spa cannot be pulled into pieces so that it can fit through a standard doorway hence the need to put accessibility in mind when planning spa installation.

You also need to pick a strategic location that allows you to access the spa with minimal distraction. It is appropriate to leave at least 30 inches of space around the back panels and sides of the spa for easy accessibility. Accessibility is a vital factor that one needs to consider when installing a spa because easy movement in and out of the spa is essential in maintaining the ambiance of the space. Experts at Oak Wells Aquatics are always willing to provide prospective clients with an estimation of the amount of space they require for the installation of a spa that suits their interests and desires.

  1. Electrical Connection and Supply

When it comes to electrical connections and supply, you need to be very cautious because a single mistake in the electrical connection can be fatal where water is involved. You should leave the electrical work connections to well trained and experienced experts for the job. We do not take chances when it comes to electrical connection in a spa because we understand the dangers of faulty connections in such an environment.

The power supply of a good and safe spa should be hardwired and connected only to the spa. Connection to other lighting and appliances is a bad idea to your safety due to electrical shots. The electrical configuration requirements of a spa usually depend on the model you choose to purchase. For great lighting and ambiance in a spa, you might also consider getting an alternative source of power for its operation, such as a generator. Sometimes, a spa might require a lot of power, especially if you switch on all spa jets simultaneously; that is - the Ozonator, the air blower, the waterfall, and heating.

  1. The Foundation

A great spa foundation should be at a balanced level, well equalized and strong to withstand its weight and that of people in it. The creation of an inadequate foundation for a spa might pose safety hazards to the users and also damage to the spa. If in case the spa is damaged due to negligence in the creation of a strong foundation, the warranty does not cover the damages caused. These are small issues you can easily avoid by choosing a reliable spa installation company.

Avoid using wooden decks when creating a spa foundation because vibrations of the spa get amplified with such a foundation. A concrete foundation is ideal for all types of spas because it's strong. If you choose to use a concrete foundation, you must pay attention to the surfaces around the spa. The surfaces around should not be slippery when water from the spa spills over. For the great ambiance of your spa, do not underestimate the need for a strong foundation. After all, the need for a spa is relaxation without safety worries or whatsoever.

  1. Privacy and Safety

Whether you are installing a commercial or residential spa, you must take into account the spa privacy and safety. Most people install spas as a relaxing escape to free their emotions, which is very hard to achieve in an environment with curious and nosy neighbors. It is very annoying having your neighbor’s kid making faces at you from the balcony upstairs while you are trying to relax. We advise our clients whom privacy is essential to have their spa installed in a strategic location close to all utilities they need at the same time shielded from other people’s vicinity. By doing this, you’ll achieve an exquisite ambiance you need for your relaxation.

 To increase privacy, you might also consider building a fence around the spa which most spa installation companies include in their services. For general spa ambiance, privacy is vital for your comfortable relaxation and peace of mind. On the other hand, safety in a spa is also important to keep away intruders and small animals. If you’ve children in your home, safety is something you might not want to ignore when installing your spa. Invest in strong covers or essential features such as automatic shut off when the spa is not in use for the wellbeing of your family.

Types of Spas Where Good Lighting and Ambiance is Essential

There is nothing else in this world worth investing in, like your health and peace of mind. If you cannot afford to own a spa, you’re lucky that there are businesses all over offering spa services to people at a fee. There are two types of spas concerning the intended use of the facility. That is:

  1. Commercial Spa

In a commercial spa, a space with an appealing and therapeutic environment is essential for making the business outstanding. A good choice of lighting on your commercial spa plays a significant role in creating a relaxing ambiance that every customer deserves. A commercial spa should incorporate appealing colors and relaxing sounds such as a waterfall to make the ambiance of the place exquisite. The use of dim and colored lights around a spa fosters a sense of calmness that helps set the tone for a luxurious enjoyment. Consult with experts and get an insight into the type of lighting you need to install in your commercial spa to provide your prospective customers with a well serene environment for relaxation.

  1. Residential Spa

Residential spas are ones installed at home for private enjoyment. It is possible to install a residential spa in an indoor or outdoor space; it depends on the premises owner's interests and desires. The size of the spa you choose to install also depends on the use of the spa. For instance, an outdoor spa meant for entertainment with friends should be wide enough to accommodate the number of expected friends. When it comes to creating a spa with excellent lighting and ambiance, homeowners have a wide range of options to choose from, including having a spa custom made to suit your interest and desires. Your perfect image of a great therapeutic spa can be made realistic with our reliable and skilled team of professionals on the job.

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