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When considering factors that influence wellness, inspiration, and relaxation in your spa, what elements first come to mind? Where would design and architecture be on the list? The quality of fresh air, an abundance of views and natural sunlight, and the use of indoor plants cannot be overlooked.  They have the power to boost happiness and calm feelings as well as working in synchronization with your spa goals. To achieve this, you need to work with spa design and construction experts like Oak Wells Aquatics. For many years we have offered exceptional residential and commercial services throughout Jacksonville.

Material Element Play a Huge Role in Creating Experience and Memories

Think of an entrance to a spa that has a combination of a natural element, wood, and the contrast of white ceiling/flooring, glass, and dark walls. It creates a timeless area and design for your clients to experience. The spa is not only architecturally impressive but also induces a cozy and homey feeling.

An elegant design offers a balance of all five senses (sight, touch, taste, sound, and smell). That means when designing a spa, you should consider all sense aspects, from natural light and lighting to color to the material used.

Inside, Outside

Nature perfects the art of relaxation. Use it to your advantage. A naturally inspired design brings a balanced atmosphere and allows your guests to relieve stress.

Make sure you have plants in and use them as a living artwork. The plants add a pop of color and a calming scent. Also, include indoor water features like fountains, waterfalls, aquariums, and ponds. The rhythm of running water, waves, and ripples induce sleep, helping your guests to relax.

If the spa is scenic design, use elongate windows and glass walls to show the beautiful views. With these exceptional views, you achieve simple and understated spa designs; the landscape will speak for itself.

Light, Dark, and Shadow

The combination of light, shadows, and darkness is a powerful element as far as design is concerned. You require illumination to make your space navigable. However, a lot of light can be disruptive.

Pick the artificial lights wisely and compliment the choices with your interior décor. While a glamorous spa should have bejeweled chandeliers, a pocket-friendly design could have bamboo fixtures. To create ambiance without adding too much artificial light to space, use and install soft illumination like tiny sconces and candles.


It is much easier today to have an eco-friendly lifestyle. Most brands today are environmentally safe conscious. It makes it easy for consumers to live a green life. Here are a few things you can add to your spa design and make it greener as well as reduce the carbon footprint:

Use energy-efficient fixtures and lighting. With the EPA's Energy Star, you can install a sophisticated decorative lighting fixture that consumes approximately a third of the energy used by standard fixtures.

  • Install low-flow, water-conservative aerators, showerheads, sinks, and toilets.
  • Use non-toxic paints and cleansers.
  • Offer your guests with unbleached linens and bedding. Also, select sustainable fabrics such as birch fiber or bamboo for robes and linens.
  • Use wood furniture made from wood from renewable forests or recycled wood.
  • Put 3-compartment waste bin in common spaces

Spa Enclosures Offer Both Protection from Elements and Elegance

A spa is a significant investment when it is frequently used and offers satisfaction to you. If you install a hot outdoor spa, a spa enclosure may allow you to enjoy your nights in the spa without worrying that the different elements of weather will interfere with your soaking or mood.

On top of protection, the enclosure can offer versatility. If you choose a closed design that has locking windows and doors, you improve security. Intruders will not reach the spa. It could also be a safety feature for small children. The same way you would have a fence around your swimming pool, you can have the enclosure around the spa to keep your babies out when you aren't available to watch over them.

Moreover, spa enclosures provide storage for spa accessories and chemicals. If your enclosure is large, you can add seats for those waiting for their turn. You can also choose to add elements for storing drinks and towels.

When picking the enclosure elements, make sure you light the spa. Proper lighting makes it safe to get in and out of the spa at night, as well as supply a warm ambiance. Avoid bright and harsh lights. Instead, install fiber optic lighting or choose a softer lighting option.

A spa enclosure will take care of essential functions like safety, protection, comfort, and storage. Make sure you speak with a spa installation expert. The expert will help you through your options and come up with the best enclosure for the spa.

Sound as An Element in Spa

The benefits of music and sound therapy have been established. According to an analysis of four hundred studies, music:

  • Boosts immune system
  • Reduces stress
  • Reduces anger, fatigue, tension, and depression
  • Is more effective in lowering anxiety before surgery compared to prescription drugs

Consequently, relaxing music and soothing sounds of rain, chimes, gongs, and waterfalls are common in spas. For example, your clients can select the music they want to go together with their service from various channels based on what state of mind they want to be in. While one client might choose instrumental, another guest may prefer the sound of a hears pulsating at a stable sixty beats per minute and tones with harmony or melody. It encourages your guests to relax entirely and clear their minds.

Pool Spa Combo

No luxurious pool is complete today without a customized spa addition. The blending of the spa and swimming pool creates a refuge where you can get the best of the water features. You can swim together with your children in the swimming pool and later have a soothing soak in your spa.

You can integrate your spa with a pool in numerous ways like:

Pool with Integrated Spa

This type of pool is one where your spa is in the pool, and it looks like a portion of the swimming pool's shape. It can be constructed in the corner, end, or side of your pool, depending on the location of your utilities and the shape of the swimming pool.

A dam wall separates the water bodies. The wall keeps the hot spa water from oozing into the pool.

Although your spa is in the pool, it could be any shape and size. It could also have different finish materials or plaster colors to offer a contrast between the pool and the spa.

Pool with an Attached Spa

An attached spa is built adjacent to or outside the pool. Different from the integrated spa, the spa and the swimming pool look like separate entities. It could be any size or shape. While some spas are blended with the swimming pool design, others are built in different shapes like a circular spa attached to a rectangular pool.

Additionally, the spa can be installed elevated above the ground or inground. The inground option is constructed level with the swimming pool. More often than not, the spa and the pool have the same finish look. Sometimes the wall between your water bodies is left open, creating a cohesive appearance.

The attached raised spa, on the other hand, is elevated above your pool. Usually, the raise is between six inches and eighteen inches. This spa is an ideal focal point because its exterior décor is visible.

Pool with a Spillover Spa

When your pool has an attached raised spa, it provides the opportunity to incorporate the audible and visual appeal of the spillover. One of the parts of your spa wall's top is constructed at a lower level or with an open space that acts like a spillover through which water from your spa flows to the pool.

Mixed Media

Modern design and architecture often feature an unexpected and unique combination. Play around with various materials, media, and textures. For instance, metal looks harsh and cold, but it is easy to soften the starkness and liven it up by adding plant life, glass, and wood to it.

Let your creativity drive you crazy when planning the décor and interior design of the spa. Think beyond using canvas and frames as types of art. Use the pieces and bits for different purposes. Tweak wallpaper swatches by transforming them into artwork, use uncommon objects for lighting, or mount a free-standing sculpture on your wall.

Local Inspiration

Spa designs are now bringing the sense of place. Because thousands of guests come to Jacksonville to enjoy beaches, you should make sure guests feel as if your spa is an extension of the beach. You can achieve this through the materials and color palette you use. For instance, a travertine stone can encircle the spa because it brings the sandy beach appeal. Additionally, glass tile mosaic in blue shades creates a glimmering effect around your spa that is suggestive of the light originating from the ocean.


While candles aren't remodeling parts but an accent piece, getting a piece for them might be hard if you had not planned. When designing the spa, ensure you add shelves that will function as a base for your candles. You can incorporate different sizes and shapes, including tea lights, votives, and pillar candles. If you're worried about safety hazards like fire, choose a battery-powered candle. It offers the same ambiance without using fire.

If you pick areas that aren't hazardous and prefer using flame candles, select aromatherapy scents like vanilla, sandalwood, lavender, and rose. If the flames are still an issue, add essential oils directly to the water. It increases the relaxation effect offered by aromatherapy.

Natural Elements and Earth Tones

When building your spa, remember to include earth-inspired colors. Select brown, gray, green, and natural wood-tone. However, you should pick lighter shades of the colors. A dark tone can make the area feel unappealing (which is different from what you want to achieve).

Getting in touch with nature is a great way to make your guests and loved ones relax in the spa. Pick a natural stone material like granite.

Moreover, you should consider using the color blue. Pastel or light blue, together with pastel green, gives a relaxing sensation.

Hardware is Essential

Cabinetry hardware is vital in adding warmth to your spa feeling. If you pick normal drawer pull and knobs, you risk losing the luxury of the spa you are creating. Splurge on the elements. Get huge rainfall showerheads with intricate and elegant designs and sink faucets that are as attractive as your sinks.

Expanded Visibility

As a spa owner, think of creating a shared locker room space for your spa and gym. It permits your spa to attract a wide audience and increase traffic. In layman's language, it attracts those who use the gym but had not previously planned to visit the spa.


As previously mentioned, adding natural elements to a room increases the ambiance of your spa. Just like bringing candles in the spa is simple, so is adding plants. However, you should plan for space beforehand. If you have limited space, pick smaller plants that can fit in decorative vases or glass jars. Then keep them on your window sill or sink. Plants such as orchids or Asian bamboo are popular in spas because they take less space and are versatile.

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Your spa designs should strike a unique harmony of inspiration and relaxation in both you and your clients. As you are looking for a renovating spa design, pay attention to your goals. You should be consistent with the spa as well as include outstanding unique elements. Using innovative ways not only assist your loved ones and guests relieve their stress but also offer them memorable moments. Because most spas in Jacksonville are constructed as part of a resort, home, or hotel, the interior design elements must compliment your spa. For more information on how different elements can create an ideal atmosphere for your spa design, speak to one of the experts at Oak Wells Aquatics. Call us today at 904-619-3281 for a free quote.

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