Swimming Pool Remodeling in Jacksonville

As a homeowner, you're aware that periodic improvements are necessary for your home's safety and aesthetic appeal. This also applies to the pool in your backyard. If you've recently purchased a property with an outdated pool in the backyard, or if your pool has simply lost its luster as a recreational and aesthetic feature of your home, it could be time to consider remodeling. Read on for more information on pool remodeling, including warning signs that it could be time to get ready to remodel.

Telltale Signs that It’s Time For Pool Remodelling

There are a lot of different reasons why you would wish to discuss the possibility of renovating your swimming pool with a professional builder. You might want to give your pool certain features. Or perhaps some features need to be updated. The process of remodeling our pool could appear challenging, but it's simpler than you'd imagine and can significantly enhance your lifestyle.

The following are among the most obvious indications that your pool is ready for remodeling:

You Have Many Plumbing Issues

Often, homeowners decide to remodel their swimming pools to improve the aesthetics of the space. However, coping with an excessive number of plumbing problems can be another reason for remodeling. A swimming pool's plumbing system's durability is affected by both weather conditions and time.

Typical plumbing issues include:

  • Cracked Pipes.
  • Water Leaks.
  • Clogged Pipes.

Even though plumbing problems could cause pools to lose water, it is much more likely that you will discover water leaking near fittings, coming from the pool pumps, or coming from any of the other swimming pool equipment.

Remodeling presents the perfect chance to upgrade the pool's plumbing equipment. Having to fix the plumbing is generally the deciding factor in whether or not to renovate the pool.

There are Cracks and Other Indications of Deterioration

Watch out for cracked tiles, peeling surfaces in the pool, discolored spots, or the presence of rust. This kind of wear and tear might occasionally be just cosmetic, but it can also be an indication of a structural problem that could lead to leakages. To be sure, have the situation checked out by a swimming pool maintenance specialist.

In some cases, a minor update is all that's needed to fix the issue, rather than a complete pool renovation. Perhaps all the pool needs is a new surface or new tiling. Getting a professional evaluation is the initial step when figuring out what you need to do.

Faulty Pool Equipment

The effects of aging on inground pools are extensive. If you use a pool that was constructed more than a decade ago, you're probably wasting a lot of energy on the water heating process and powering the pumps.

The equipment found in older swimming pools can affect the amount of energy used. For instance, an older pump consumes a lot more power than its newer counterparts.

Your swimming pool pump could be easily modified to dramatically increase energy efficiency. In comparison to the earlier models, modern pumps could be 30-45% more energy efficient.

Updating your heater is another method for improving energy efficiency. Replace your outdated gas heater with a more energy-efficient modern unit to save money. Depending on the weather conditions, a solar heater or heat pump could be the best option.

Investing in energy-efficient pool equipment can help you recover some of the money you spend on a remodel.

The Pool Feels Rough

Do you notice any excessive roughness when you drag your feet or hands over the pool's interior? An imbalanced pH level could accelerate surface deterioration. Time is often the culprit in most cases. A swimming pool's surface can get scarred and worn down with time. This can cause your pool to have an unattractive, aged appearance.

The average lifespan of a swimming pool is 5-15 years, based on the surface composition. When a pool's surface becomes old and damaged, resurfacing it could be the solution. It's comparable to getting microdermabrasion at the dermatologist. Before applying a new coating and performing an acid cleanse, your pool repair professionals first remove any deteriorated materials.

Having your pool resurfaced by professionals is like getting a new pool.

The Patterns and Colors On The Pool's Vinyl Liner are Fading

If the pool is lined with vinyl, you may notice that the colors or patterns are fading, or that mold and algae are growing at the top and staining the surface. Leaks could develop as a result of shrinking at the edges or wrinkling and tearing of the liner.

The average vinyl pool liner is made to last between 10 and 15 years. If it has been longer than this since you had yours installed, you should probably consider getting a new one.

You Would Like to Add New Features

Enhancing your pool through remodeling allows you to add modern amenities and aesthetic touches. You can include water features like waterfalls, grottos, or fountains.

Installing an inground spa is a good idea to think about when remodeling. This more naturally blends into the architecture of your pool compared to a standalone hot tub, allowing you to update your pool simultaneously and maintain a uniform appearance.

The following are some additional typical pool upgrades and remodeling details you could include in your swimming pool:

  • Making your pool stand out by giving it a creative shape.
  • Using mosaic tiles to decorate the pool's floor.
  • Installing lights in the pool.
  • Installing a pool slide.

Each of these elements has the potential to significantly improve your pool's aesthetics and your overall swimming-pool experience.

The Aesthetic does not Match Your Individual Preferences

If you didn't design and construct your pool, it might not reflect your aesthetic. For instance, a swimming pool that was intended to accommodate a large number of guests during parties might not be suitable for a family home with young children, and vice versa. You could also find that the style does not suit you and that it could benefit from some tweaks to satisfy your tastes.

Remodeling Process

The following are the fundamental factors of remodeling a pool:

  • Budget

Setting a budget is crucial whether you are remodeling an existing pool or building a new one from scratch. With a budget in place, you could plan out subsequent procedures within a predetermined price range. However, certain factors can help you set up a proper budget.

It would be beneficial to research and compare the remodeling project costs based on the age, shape, and size of the swimming pool. You could also engage an expert to offer you a better overview of the costs by searching online.

  • Consult an Expert

Once you've set your budget, you can consult a pool remodeling professional. Some renovation projects could be impossible to complete due to a variety of factors like existing barriers such as poles. When faced with such a dilemma, it's difficult to figure out how to proceed.

It's advisable to speak with a professional, who is equipped to handle this situation and assist you in getting out of it. A pool remodeling expert can help you prioritize remodeling projects based on the current layout and determine the most effective strategies for doing so.

  • Empty the Pool

Once the contractor has recommended a better approach to modify the pool, you can proceed to empty the pool. Install the submersible water pump at the pool's bottom. Avoid placing the pump in front of the drain or on the roadway, and avoid placing it on grass. It will take between six and twelve hours for the pool to drain completely.

  • Priming and Chipping

After that, the contractors would proceed to prime and chip the pool's surface. This procedure is often the most disruptive because it is extremely noisy. Fortunately, it normally only takes a few hours, and after they are finished, the experts will complete a full cleanup.

  • Tiling

When the surface has been thoroughly primed and prepared, it's time for the professionals to install the new tiles you've chosen and finish with the grout. This often takes one or two days, depending on the number of tiles and the pool's size.

If you've settled for a plaster finish, the professionals will add the trim to the steps on the final day of plastering.

  • Surface Application

When it comes to surface application, the contractors would normally send in trucks containing the pebble or plaster mixture. It is then pumped to the swimming pool surface using hand-troweled and large hoses. This procedure normally takes between four and six hours to complete.

After applying the pebbles, the surface is polished and washed with acid. This usually requires several hours.

If you've settled for a colored plaster pool, you'll need to be present when this process starts so you can verify the color is correct before the professionals proceed to pump it into the swimming pool's surface.

  • Fill the Pool

The next step is to pump in the water. It's crucial that you stay at home, or stick around throughout this stage. Water lines could appear inside the new pool if it's turned off early or too soon. It could take anywhere from 12 hours up to 48 hours for the pool to fill, depending on its size.

  • Chemical Start-Up

Finally, you should add chemicals to the water so that it has a balanced pH and is safe for swimming. If your pool is built with pebbles, this procedure would last a few hours. A plaster-based pool is more delicate. Therefore, expect it to take a long time - in most situations, a few days.

Consider contacting an experienced pool maintenance firm to analyze the pool's water chemistry regularly and make necessary modifications. If you want to do things yourself, be sure to always have testing strips and kits on hand so you can keep an eye on the chemistry.

Once the pool is already operating for some time, it will stabilize. Nevertheless, you might have to be more engaged in the beginning. If you continue doing this, you will have a lot better experience.

What Are The Advantages of Pool Remodelling?

Below are some of the benefits of remodeling your pool:

  • Safety

Everyone would base their decisions primarily on safety. Naturally, you will feel comfortable swimming if you are confident in yourself and know that everything is functional and updated.

  • Saves Money

The cost of installing a pool should be considered while investing. However, since you're just upgrading or repairing what you already have, remodeling could be far less expensive. What's more, you'll save money on future upkeep by doing this.

  • Extending The Pool's Lifespan

Possibly the most significant benefit that a swimming pool can receive is an extension in lifespan. It's similar to saying, "When you live a healthy life, you will certainly add years to your lifespan.

  • Energy Efficient

It is possible to control and reduce energy usage once you ensure that the pool's systems, such as the heater, pump, filtration system, and so forth., are functioning properly.

Frequently Asked Questions On Pool Remodeling

Investing in a pool remodel could increase your home's resale value and recreational capacity. However, there are several things you need to be aware of before you begin.

The following are some of the most commonly asked questions on pool remodels:

How Can I Tell When My Pool Needs To Be Remodeled?

Renovating your pool is a good idea if it's outdated and could use some improvements. The following are a few indicators that it is time to remodel your pool:

  • Need for regular repairs.
  • Cracked walls.
  • A small number of safety features.
  • Extensive resurfacing problems.
  • Rough surface.
  • Outdated styles.
  • Filtration and plumbing problems.

Or you might just be prepared to enhance your pool's potential and have more fun with it!

What is the Ideal Time To Renovate My Pool?

Any time of the year is a good time to remodel your pool. However, it is usually better to plan the work for when the swimming pool isn't in use, such as during the off-season. This would ensure that there are as few interruptions as possible and that the task is finished on time.

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