Pool Maintenance through the Seasons

North Florida…the REAL Florida! Think of all the elements that challenge us on a yearly basis!  I am not talking about Florida Man or alligators.  I am talking about our weather!  North Florida has the most unique weather!  We start off the year with freezing temperatures.  Our friends moving here from up North sometimes don’t realize it, but North Florida freezes, and we need to know how to protect our pools from these extreme temperatures!  Once the year progresses through winter, we are met with the torrential downpours of spring.  How do we prepare our pools with all the excess water and pollen?  Soon, we enter summer’s extreme heat, and we struggle with water evaporation, mineral build-up, and algae growth. Finally, our year ends, not with fall, but with hurricane season!  This season can destroy our yards, our roofs, our back-to-school schedules, but we will not let it destroy our pools! 

If you have been here long enough, you know that it freezes in North Florida!  I remember the great freeze of 1989 when my brother and I used trashcan lids to sled down San Jose Boulevard!  I used to love it when my neighbor would shoot a garden hose up a tree, and the water magically turned into icicles overnight!  It does freeze here in Northeast Florida, but luckily, we do not need to do anything drastic to prepare our pools!  Basically, just ensure that the pump remains on 24 hours.  Moving water typically does not freeze.  You do not necessarily need to heat your pool unless you want to enjoy the holidays in your spa!

As the year progresses, I must remind myself that winter does not officially end until March 20th!  Usually, I start dressing like it is summertime around March 1st to trick my brain into thinking that warmer weather is here to stay, but, sadly, this doesn’t trick mother nature.   April showers bring May flowers, but here in North Florida, April showers bring heavy rainfall.  Rainwater is usually acidic, which disrupts your pool’s water chemistry.  It is important to check the PH of your pool after a heavy rain.  You will also want to clean your pool of debris.  An automatic robotic cleaner works wonders for your pool.  It is basically a Roomba for your pool, and it is fun to watch.  Also, you can always challenge your kids to a leaf collection contest.   You will also want to use a pool brush and clean the sides of the pool in order to help control the pollen.

As we move into summertime, it gets hot!  This season is probably what convinced you to get a pool in the first place! This is the time we really need to make sure that our pool is working perfectly.  Ensure that the heat/cool pump is working properly.  This is also when an autofill system comes in handy.  If your pool does have evaporation, the autofill system will turn in, and get your water level back to where it should be. The heat also increases the chances of scaling conditions. Scale is the build-up of minerals on your pool’s surface, and it can damage your pools plumbing and equipment if left untreated.  There are chemicals you can purchase through Amazon or your local pool supply store that will help you remove the build-up.  You can may want to use a pumice stone, but they can wear out quickly and become very think from the rubbing.

Now, we move into my absolute favorite season in North Florida, fall!  During fall, we are introduced to pumpkin spiced lattes and Halloween costume shops on every corner!  During early fall, it is still warm enough to go swimming.  The kids go back to school, and football season begins!  It is also a time where we must watch the tropics every day on the morning news.  Hurricane season is unpredictable, and we can never be too prepared for these storms.  If a hurricane is forecasted for the North Florida area, ensure that all loose items around your pool are stored inside the house or garage.  Remove all patio furniture.  If you have a screen room, consider keeping the doors open.  This will create a way for the wind to flow through the area, which could help the screen room from getting damaged.  After the storm, remove all debris from around the deck, and check the pool’s water chemistry.  Finally, take a deep breathe!  You have gotten through the storm!

It is hard to imagine life here in North Florida without access to a swimming pool, but we also must be mindful of the extreme weather conditions that may impact our pools!  Oak Wells Aquatics offers  Pool School taught by a certified pool technician.  Our very own Pool School teacher will show new pool owners how to maintain their pools so their pools can sparkle all year long!

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