Backyard Renovations to Take Your Sumner to the Next Level

One of the best ways to enjoy your summer is to bring all the cheer and fun to your backyard. This saves you from trying to find the perfect destinations for outdoor activities and summer fun. Instead, you can spend that time with friends and family in your home.

You can explore various backyard renovations that make your living space beautiful for the moment and increase the value of your home. Some of these renovations center around existing features, like a pool remodel, or building new additions, like putting up a backyard patio.

While there is so much you can do with your backyard in preparation for summer, the following renovations should be at the top of your list:

Touch Up on Lighting

Summer comes with nights outdoors, backyard activities, and enjoying the beautiful weather with family and friends. However, outdoor time at night will not be fun when you have to walk in the dark. Backyard lighting is a great renovation for your backyard. If you are looking to entertain or you want to make the backyard safe for your family, you can explore the following backyard lighting ideas:

  1. String Lights. You can integrate string lights in different styles around your backyard. If you have verandas or arbors with open sky access, you can put these lights around the area to provide illumination. You can use these lights to brighten the pathways around your backyard. This can help magnify the lighting in these areas.
  2. Cattail lights. These lights create a distinct effect on the vegetation around the home. Some cattail lighting is designed for easy integration into the tall grass and other vegetation in the backyard.
  3. Down lighting or up lighting on architecture. Uplights and downlights have similar ways of mounting and offer similar functions. These lights are used to illuminate a specific area where the lighting is either focused on the top or bottom of where the lights are placed.
  4. Wall lighting. Compared to other backyard lighting options, wall lighting offers numerous benefits. If you have a backyard patio, you can easily mount the wall lights in the area to increase the lighting and usability of the outdoor space. The wall lighting also improves the aesthetics of your backyard.
  5. Deck lighting. Deck lighting plays a significant role in the social aspects of outdoor living. With these lights, your backyard is more accessible, even in the late hours of the summer night. You can easily wire the deck lights to your home's electrical connection.

Reinvent your Plants

Different plants and flowers make your backyard lively and interesting. When you introduce colorful flowers and plants, you can transform the backyard into a natural oasis. This creates a peaceful atmosphere where you can rewind and enjoy time with family and friends.

You can consider a vertical garden if you have little space in your backyard. This addition will give you the utmost privacy and improve your home's aesthetics. Before you plant new species, you should ensure to prep the garden by removing dead plants that could ruin the appearance of the new plants.

If you want something modern for your summer home, you should consider statement planters featuring small trees, grasses, and shrubs. This means you will not need to go all out for garden beds.

Not all plants will tolerate the high summer temperatures. However, with little effort and commitment, you can decorate your backyard with the following drought-resistant plants this summer:

  • Peppers. Although peppers do well when grown indoors and then transplanted outside, you can purchase some plants from a local nursery and quickly transplant them for the summer. Peppers thrive well in temperatures over 70 degrees. These plants will not only make your backyard colorful, but you can also harvest them and use them for spicy summer meals.
  • Sage. You can bring aroma and flavor to your summer garden with heat-loving herbs like sage, oregano, and basil.
  • Gladiolus. Most people think of hibiscus and bougainvillea as tropical flowers. However, gladiolus is an excellent tropical flower to bring color to your summer garden.
  • Drought-resistant lantana. Lantana will adapt to all soil conditions if it is well drained and can thrive in hot summer temperatures. After initial planting, you should water it until it blooms to ensure it does not dry up. Little or no maintenance will be required after this.
  • Marigold. Marigolds are the easiest and most beautiful plants in your summer garden. These flowers range from yellow to deep orange. You can plant your marigolds in pots or baskets or scatter them throughout your garden. This flower has a deep aroma and can keep your backyard colorful from the beginning of summer until the first frost.

Add a Fireplace

Enjoying the beautiful outdoors in the summer is easy during the day. However, most people will want to continue merry-making during the night while enjoying the beautiful skies. Building a stylish backyard fireplace will keep your guests and loved ones cozy and bring a social heart to your outdoor living space. Adding a fireplace to your beautiful backyard is like adding a new room to your home. Therefore, you must consider where you want to install the fireplace. Other aspects that you must consider when deciding on a fireplace for your home this summer include:

  • Materials. If you want a durable fireplace that is easy to maintain, consider a brick or stone fireplace. However, metal would be the best material for a portable, versatile fireplace.
  • Fuel. You may need a chimney to help channel smoke away from your living space from coal and wood burners.
  • Design. A fireplace does not need to mirror other outdoor features. You can add light and warmth by choosing an open design for your fireplace.

Create Meandering Paths

A beautiful pathway I an invitation to explore nature even in your home. While you think of backyard innovations in preparation for summer, you can consider the following meandering path ideas:

  • Rockwall path. You can create a gravel path with stacked rocks as walls and edges. This allows the backyard plants to spill over without overshadowing the paths.
  • Timber-step paths. Chunky wood can create a great stepping area for your backyard paths.
  • Stone step path. You can make a striking path around your backyard with stone slabs. The broken edges of these stone slabs leave the backyard looking natural.

Style Up Your Pool

Your swimming pool is a great aspect of your home. If you do not already have one, add it to your home improvement projects for the summer. While building a pool from the ground up may be expensive, it is a worthwhile investment for your home. The following renovations may improve your summer experience if you already have a pool in your home:

  • Install pool lights. You can make a significant difference in your backyard by installing pool lighting. With the LED options, you can change the color to your desired theme. Depending on your desired outcome and budget, pool lighting can be done around the pool area or inside the pool.
  • Vertical garden. If your swimming pool is near the house, you can utilize the walls to make a vertical garden. These elements will give your backyard and outdoor living space a natural and organic look. When you create a vertical garden around your pool for the summer, you should consider plants that are tolerant of harsh conditions.
  • Pool decking. If you want to upgrade the edges of your pool, consider pool decking. This feature creates a beautiful contrast between the blue waters and the wooded surface of the decks. You can keep the decks low to match the pool height or create a raised patio. Since wood is more prone to damage when it is close to water, you must be careful with the type of wood you choose.
  • Slides and other additions. Slides will provide extra entertainment for kids and adults during the summer. When you build the slides, you should consider safety and strength.

Upgrade your Patio

Upgrading your backyard patio is a great way to prepare for summer. You can consider making minor changes that make it more comfortable and inviting. Some of the backyard patio upgrades that could improve its outlook and level up your summer experience include:

  • Adding some color. Putting potted plants and flowers around your patio can make it feel natural and more relaxing. The patio plants also play a significant role in cleaning the air around the outdoor living space.
  • Paint the patio floors. If you have a concrete patio with too much stuff stored in it, you can clear up the clutter and paint the floors and walls. This will make the space look more lively and new.
  • Cover the concrete pavers. Consider placing a colorful outdoor rug to cover the concrete pavers on your patio.
  • Upgrade the patio furniture. You can either upgrade your patio furniture or repaint the existing ones to keep your backyard space looking fresh. This is the perfect setup to entertain family and friends.

Consider a Spillover Spa

You can create a spillover spa if you already have a hot tub in your backyard. This could be a great way to connect the hot tub to the swimming pool through a water fountain. Such a connection creates a sense of elegance and relaxation. There are several designs that you can explore for your spillover spa.

Depending on the outlook you desire for your backyard, you can have an infinity spa where the water drops off to give off the illusion of an infinity hot tub. Alternatively, you can create stone patterns for water to pass through, making it a focal point. This feature can be extremely relaxing for you and your guests as you relax in the backyard.

Install Privacy Features

Most of your summer will be spent outdoors. Therefore, increasing your backyard privacy should be on the list of innovations you want to make for your home. The following backyard structures and landscaping options can help keep you and your guests out of the sight of neighbors:

  • Build a gazebo. Incorporating a gazebo or pergola into your home can be a great way to ensure privacy and add value to your home. Covering the gazebo with climbing plants or curtains will create shade and privacy as you enjoy your summers.
  • Create a privacy fence. A solid board fence is ideal for creating privacy in your backyard. Such a perimeter structure will secure the entirety of your outdoor living space. This lets your family enjoy their time on the patio and pool without worrying about the neighbors. When installing a privacy fence, it is important to ensure that it fits the design and style of your home.
  • Use a retractable shade. If you use your backyard to host parties or entertain family and friends, a retractable sunshade may be a great solution for your backyard privacy needs. This prevents you from blocking the outdoor views while offering the required privacy.
  • Put a layer of plants above the fence line. If you have a large backyard, you can layer some plants on your fence to secure your privacy at all heights.

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Your backyard deserves as much attention as your home's interior as you prepare for summer. Backyard renovations will make your home stylish and beautiful. This allows you to spend your warm days outside without traveling out of your home.

You can take your summer to the next level by making renovations such as improving the lighting using LED lights, remodeling your poolside area, and building a garden, among others. While some backyard renovations can be done with minimal expert guidance, you do not want to make an addition that does not go well with the home's existing theme.

Therefore, you may need the help of a home renovation expert to identify and accomplish renovations that go well with factors, including your budget and desired outlook. At Oak Wells Aquatics, we offer expert home improvement and renovation services to all our clients in Jacksonville, FL. Contact us today at 904-619-3281 to discuss your backyard renovation plans.

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