How Does a Self-Cleaning Pool System Work?

The thought of maintaining and cleaning our pools isn't as appealing as owning one. Some homeowners have nice pools but rarely use them since the work required to maintain them and keep them clean is time-consuming. That's why having a self-cleaning pool system is a good idea.

A self-cleaning system keeps your swimming pool in excellent condition and is hands-free. The swimming pool would always be clean with no work on your side. This article gives a comprehensive overview of how self-cleaning pool systems work.

Understanding a Self-Cleaning Pool System

A self-cleaning swimming pool system involves a cleaning technology that is used to automatically take out dirt and debris from a pool. It is also known as a smart pool or an in-floor cleaning system. The system makes use of cleaning heads that are carefully placed on the pool's floor.

When the pool cleaning system is turned on, the cleaning heads rise to filter and circulate the water before popping back to their original position. Self-cleaning pool systems are completely unobtrusive because the pop-up cleaners stay mounted on the swimming pool's surface and don't interfere with your swimming.

How Self-Cleaning Pool Systems Work

The system consists of three key parts, that is a debris canister, the cleaning heads, and a collection zone or debris drain. The nozzle on each pop-up head directs the water in the direction of the collection or drain zone. The programming of the nozzles enables them to alternately clean the pool's various sections one after the other.

The debris will be pushed toward the drain that is situated at the far end of the pool. It then goes to the debris canister that's on the pool deck. The debris canister is fitted to allow for simple deck-side removal, just similar to the pop-up cleaners. After cleaning is finished, remove the filter, rinse it, and then reinstall the canister.

A self-cleaning pool system could require as many as 10 to 15 pop-up cleaners, based on the size of the pool. Although the cleaners usually move from the shallowest part to the deep end, you can customize each pool cleaning system to fit the specific type and dimensions of the pool.

Efficiency of a Self-Cleaning Pool System

When you observe a self-cleaning pool system in operation, you might wonder how effective it is. It operates quietly and does not require any devices or pipes. The evidence is in its data, just as with any technology.

Self-cleaning pool systems can clean 99% of the pool. Popup cleaners can be installed in all pool areas, such as the steps, benches, and walls. The result is a cleaner pool compared with conventional pool cleaning techniques.

A self-cleaning pool system sanitizes your pool with as much as thirty percent fewer chemicals. The technology relies on strong water jets rather than excessive amounts of chemicals to circulate the pool cleaning chemicals evenly throughout the pool water while directing debris and dirt to the drain.

Self-cleaning pool systems can help you save a lot of cash on energy costs since they uniformly circulate the pool water. A self-cleaning pool system can reduce your energy costs by as much as thirty percent. A well-circulated swimming pool can heat up more quickly, eliminate cold spots, and minimize heat loss. This makes it ideal for spa components within your pool, so you can benefit from the restorative effects without incurring high energy costs.

Benefits of Using Self-Cleaning Pool Systems

A self-cleaning pool system offers many more advantages in addition to these outstanding perks, such as:

A Clean Pool Area

Everything in a self-cleaning pool system operates automatically and is completely integrated into the pool. There is no requirement for hose pipes or other kinds of devices on the property.

Clean Alternatives

Self-cleaning swimming pools count on robust automatic cleaning mechanisms that are included in the "shell" of the pool. Depending on the size and shape of your swimming pool, a pool expert can install several in-floor jet nozzles that pop up in sections and spin to drive debris to the pool's bottom and into the debris collection system. The primary suction exit has a debris containment device. The nozzles are set strategically to hit the walls and floor of your pool, as well as any steps, ledges, or seat areas.


You will have more time to enjoy the pool if you spend less time unpacking and packing pool cleaning supplies. This is particularly crucial if you regularly use the swimming pool, such as in the summer when it could require regular maintenance.

Easy Circulation of Water

Water circulation is essential for every pool. In automatic self-cleaning pool systems, circulation starts at the bottom and works its way up. This improved circulation distributes the pool chemicals uniformly throughout the water, preventing chemical problems. These kinds of systems can help clients cut their heating and chemical costs by up to 80%.

Preventing Stains

Pool stains arise from debris and dirt that have accumulated in the swimming pool for an extended period. The problematic crevices in the swimming area are still vulnerable to discoloration, even with routine cleaning. A self-cleaning swimming pool system takes care of your pool's surfaces and keeps it clean.

Resale Value

Self-cleaning pool systems have several advantages, but one of the most frequently mentioned is how they raise the value of a property. Regular pools increase the appeal of any property to prospective buyers, so it should be expected that the self-cleaning pools would sell for much more money.

The main benefit of such a pool cleaning system is that it eliminates all manual cleaning tasks involved in keeping a pool in good condition. It is simple to demonstrate to prospective buyers that the swimming pool is enjoyable.

Less Maintenance

The main advantage of an automatic self-cleaning pool system is that it handles most of the labor-intensive tasks on your behalf. The high-tech yet straightforward system is designed to keep your water clear of debris and dirt, so you can put your vacuum cleaner aside and relax. You are still in charge of evaluating your pool's chemistry and making any required modifications.

Balanced Chemical Concentration

One of the benefits of using this cleaning procedure is that it does not disrupt the chemical equilibrium of the pool water. There's nothing new that's been added. Rather, the water is circulated and filtered throughout the system. Regular circulation guarantees that the pool's chemicals are used consistently. This technique can also help you spend less on chemicals.

Safer and Cleaner Water

Your pool instantly transforms into a safer space for you and your loved ones to spend time together when you reduce the amount of chemicals used and improve the flow of the water.

Temperature Control

The mixture of water layers uses less energy as compared to conventionally heated pools because the water flows constantly during cleaning. The process of mixing and circulation ensures that the water's temperature remains constant and even regardless of the weather. As a result, it makes it less likely that you will encounter an unexpected cold or hot spot in your swimming pool.

Numerous Color Options

Self-cleaning swimming pool systems can be modified to fit your aesthetic. The drainage system and pop-up cleaning heads can match your pool's floor color or even incorporate eye-catching contrast colors.

The Downsides of Using Self-Cleaning Pool Systems

Some of the drawbacks of using a self-cleaning pool system are as follows.

Initial Costs

The installation costs of a self-cleaning pool system could be costly. The price of the system might go up to $5,000, depending on the shape and size of the swimming pool. The cost of installing a self-cleaning pool system for homeowners is high, but it is undoubtedly beneficial in the long run.

Uses A Lot of Energy

These systems use more energy than conventional swimming pools. Therefore, if you're seeking a green energy cleaning method, this wouldn't be the right option. Additionally, it will raise the costs.

Use a Pool Cover For the Best Results

Any dirt on the surface of the pool will have to be manually cleaned since a self-cleaning pool system normally operates on the pool's bottom. To get around this, you can use a pool cover.

Safety and Appearance

The possibility that these nozzles might protrude through the pool bottom is a concern for pool owners and swimmers because this could affect the pool's aesthetics and design. If you want to maintain a certain finish and appearance, this could be an issue. Additionally, individuals could stub their toes against the mounted nozzles.

Unable To Easily Spot Faults

It could be difficult to detect if there is a problem with a self-cleaning pool system considering the way that it is designed to work seamlessly and automatically. The system's other popup cleaning heads could run into problems if one of them malfunctions. Engage an experienced pool builder to make sure that this does not become an issue for you, as well as for the required system maintenance and a high-quality installation.

Only Ideal for New Swimming Pools

A self-cleaning pool system can be fitted in almost any pool. However, it performs most effectively in new pools. Several homeowners who want to set up this system in their current pool might also need to completely renovate their swimming pool, which could increase the costs.

Comparing Self-Cleaning Pool System To Other Pool Cleaning Systems

There are various alternative methods for maintaining your pool, but a self-cleaning pool system beats them all.

Manual Cleaning vs. Self Cleaning

Although manual cleaning is the least expensive option, doing it yourself requires a lot of time and work, and hiring an experienced pool cleaner raises additional costs. Your energy, time, and financial resources are all saved by a self-cleaning pool system.

Robotic Cleaning Vs. Self-Cleaning

Robotic pool cleaners are hands-free alternatives, but this equipment still needs to be placed inside the swimming pool, moved around, and then cleaned after usage. With a self-cleaning pool cleaning system, all that is required is a quick, few-minute emptying of the pool's deck canister.

Suction Cleaning Vs. Self-Cleaning

Another automated technique that uses a swimming pool pump to draw out and filter waste from the swimming pool is suction pool cleaner. However, this system can be challenging to set up and still need hoses and pipes to function. A self-cleaning pool system is inbuilt into the swimming pool, so no additional equipment is required.

Is A Self Cleaning Pool System Worth the Investment?

Based on the advantages and disadvantages, it appears to be highly useful while also being a costly investment. It can clean the floor, filter the water, and get rid of debris that the human eye may not be able to see.

These types of systems are also a better option to control heated swimming pools during the winter. As the sun warms the water on the surface, the cleaning system constantly mixes it.

Hiring pool specialists as an alternative could turn out more expensive in the long term. These services often charge high fees and fluctuate in cost over time. By doing so, you'll only have to make a one-time major investment and a few smaller expenses along the way.

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