3 Factors To Consider Before Building A Pool

People build pools for various reasons. For some, installing a swimming pool means investing in some soothing water to relax and rejuvenate after a hard day’s work. Other people build pools for health and fitness, while others create extravagant pools that could become the centerpiece of their fun-filled patio. A swimming pool is an excellent addition to your backyard and property. It can improve the look and feel of the backyard, making it your favorite part of your home. It is also a serious investment that will cost you money and time to build. That is why you must plan well for it.

With proper planning, you can create an excellent pool that fits within your budget, satisfies your needs, and adds significant value to your home. You can achieve that and more with the help of a skilled pool builder. Here are some of the factors you must take into consideration when planning to build a pool of your dreams:

Your Goals

First, consider what you intend to achieve with a pool. Thinking about your goals will help you organize your ideas and inspiration for the pool you plan to build. Once you understand your purpose or goals for having a pool, you can quickly make other crucial choices, like your swimming pool's size, style, and design. Here are some typical goals people have for building pools:

For Family Fun

Many people invest in pools for fun. Whether you are creating the pool for your family or you and your friends, understanding your goal helps you think of the features you need to include to enhance the fun. For example, if you have children, your choice of a pool will be different from what you would build if the pool were only used by adults. An even pool with the same depth and additional features, like a diving board and a pool slide, would be perfect for children.

For Health and Fitness

Building a swimming pool is excellent if you enjoy aquatic exercises or hydrotherapy and want to include them in your workout routine. Swimming is a fun-filled way to stay fit and enjoy improved health. Thus, if health and fitness are your goals for building a pool, consider making a lap pool with water jets to create currents against which you will swim.

For Relaxation

A swimming pool is a great place to relax. You can dip in the water occasionally and float as you enjoy your favorite music. If relaxation is your goal, your design will change slightly to include a spa or other fancy feature that allows you to rejuvenate. Nowadays, you have terrific options like a combined spa and pool that give you all the necessary features to enjoy a good swim while relaxing. You could also include other features in the design, like a tanning ledge or beach entry, to achieve great results every time you decide to use your pool.

A Pool As a Party Spot

You can also build a pool as a party space for your children or a place to enjoy great moments with your family or friends. It will be the best location in your home to create lasting, fun memories. If you are making a party space for adults, you can include some features like a hot tub or fancy pool lighting in your design.

The good thing is that professional pool builders have all kinds of designs for different needs and goals. Understanding your goals is crucial, as it sets the pace for other decisions you will make afterward.

Your Preferred Style and Features

Everyone has a preference for a pool they fancy for their home. You probably have the details of what you intend to build in mind. Even though you will only implement some of the details you have in mind, choosing a style and considering the features you must have in your pool is crucial. Share your preferences with a skilled pool builder, along with your budget.

Here are some of the features you should discuss with the pool builder:

The Shape and Size

Swimming pools vary in size and shape. The size of your pool will mainly depend on the number of people using it. An intimate pool for just your family will be a little small. But if you need one to train for the Olympics, you will build it massively. You must also determine the shape. Some people prefer a rectangular pool, and others choose freeform pools that blend with their surroundings. Discuss your options with your preferred pool builder, and choose a size and shape corresponding to your goals.

The Design and Style

You should also consider the look and feel of your pool. If you intend to improve the look and feel of your patio or home, choose a fancy design that will make a statement to everyone visiting your home. You can include some creative elements to make it look and feel fancy. But if you prefer a pool that matches the design and style of your home, a skilled pool builder will guide you in choosing the right features and elements. 

Your Preferred Location

The location of your pool is also critical. First, consider whether you have enough space in your backyard to fit a pool. It must be an open space to enjoy the sun and sunset. If you are building a pool for your children, it must be where you will closely watch them as they swim and have some fun. Some people prefer to keep their pool private and a little secluded from their neighbors’ views.

Additionally, you must consider what the local municipal and practical laws say regarding where and how you can build a pool. Share your ideas with an experienced pool builder and let them guide you to the right decision.

Lighting Features

Lighting is essential, as it adds some ambiance to your pool and improves its safety. You could add some LED lighting fixtures on the floor for a fancy effect like a starry night or install lighting features around the swimming pool for safe night swims. Embedded lighting in your pool deck is also an excellent idea, as it will light the pathway between your pool and house, making it easy to access your pool even in the middle of the night.

Custom Features

You can personalize your pool as much as you want if the custom features fit your budget. Thus, consider other additional features you need inside and around the pool. Here are some examples of custom features you can use to personalize your pool:

  • Some landscaping will add fresh greenery around the pool to create a tropical, lush atmosphere and also improve your privacy and safety.
  • Wet decks provide more space for small children, poolside seating, and sunbathing. They can also add some style to your pool area.
  • Infinity edges enhance your pool structure's transparency and give your pool stunning visuals.
  • Other custom elements include deck jets, a waterfall, and a waterslide. You can create an under-the-water walkway or bridge in the pool.

Practical Details For Pool Owners or Builders

The idea of building a pool is great. But you must think of the practicality of it to determine whether it is possible to own or build a pool in your home. While you could set aside some money to build a pool and develop unique ideas for the pool you like, some factors are beyond your control. You must consider them, as they will determine whether you own your dream pool. Some of these factors are:

Terrain and Location

Your property's appearance can determine whether you can install a pool and the cost implications. If your property is relatively flat and has an open yard, installing a pool is more straightforward. But if your yard is a little sloppy, build a retaining wall before installing a pool. If your property is rocky, sandy, or has more clay spoil, you need extra materials and work before installing a pool. You must also remove trees and uproot their roots to create space for the pool.

The location should also be suitable and large enough to hold all the supply deliveries and equipment needed to build the pool.

Water System, Heating, and Filtration

You must consider the kind of water system you have before building a pool. Your pool will require traditional chlorine, salt, or bromine water. These are the best options for safe and clean water.

The heating in your pool will be based on your preferences, the climate, and the time of year you will use it. You can choose natural heating, a solar system to warm the pool, or a propane or gas heater in chilly weather. Some people prefer heat pumps in colder weather. If you are building a spa or spool, you must keep it heated throughout the year.

You must also choose a filtration system that suits the pool’s location and maintenance needs. That will help you keep the pool safe from dangerous contaminants and algae. It will also keep your pool in perfect working condition. The most popular options are cartridge-style and salad filters.

The Cost

A swimming pool is a costly investment. You need a lot of money to have a functional pool in your backyard. The cost of installing a pool varies with location, style, size, and design. Some designs are cheaper to build than others. But it is important to note that, in most cases, you enjoy what you pay for. Some less expensive plans will give you only some of the features you fancy in a pool.

The Utilities

You will require some utilities, for example, electricity, to keep your pool running. You could even upgrade your electrical panel to include the new installation. That will come at an additional cost.

If you hope to heat your pool and are considering a natural gas or propane pool heater, you must find someone to install the connections. An experienced pool builder will know the exact requirements and discuss them with you before installation.

Maintenance Needs

Enjoying a good dip in your backyard continues after the installation of a pool. You must maintain the pool in excellent working condition to enjoy it continuously. Some people hire pool maintenance personnel to do the job for them. Others prefer to do the maintenance work by themselves. Either way, you must consider the maintenance work and everything you need to keep your pool in good condition. You will need someone to maintain the pool on your behalf if you are busy or travel a lot. Pool maintenance includes regular cleaning, chemical balancing, pool filter maintenance, and water testing.

Insurance Requirements

You can include the pool in your homeowner’s insurance policy. However, your insurance provider could have particular requirements to minimize liability around it. Discussing some of these issues with the insurance provider before the installation is essential. That way, you can avoid unpleasant surprises in an accident.

Additionally, some insurance companies have specific features they recommend for pools, including safety lighting, fencing around the pool, and anything else that will minimize the risk of accidents. Other features, like pool alarms, can help keep you safe.

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