Infinity Pool: What You Need to Know

If you are not an admirer of the appearance of typical pools and are looking for something that blends with the surroundings, you should consider infinity pools. The swimming pools are designed to give you the impression of a missing edge where water seems to fall past the edges into infinity. Usually, there are beautiful horizons past the missing or vanishing edges, and it appears as if the water from the pool merges with the ocean or sky, giving you a breathtaking view. You will find these pools in the most deluxe hotels.

Nevertheless, infinity pools are not only restricted to luxury hotels and cruise ships. You can find a reputable pool builder to set up one in your courtyard. When you plan to construct an infinity pool on your property, you should research more to understand the costs, size, and all other information you need to know before commencing the project to ensure it is an appropriate investment.

Understanding Infinity Pools

Otherwise called infinite edge, zero-edge, or rimless pool, infinity pools are custom-built swimming pools whose walls appear to have missing edges. So, the water cascades past these edges to infinity, giving you a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. If you have a sloping landscape on your property that is not ideal for the regular pools or are looking for an investment that is more appealing than the standard pools, then you should consider infinity pools.

The pools are constructed on two levels. The first level is the swimming pool, where missing edges are concealed below the top of the water surface. Under the infinity edge, the second level is a basin beneath the missing edges that taps the water cascading from the edges. Overall, you obtain an eye-catching view where the pool water surface merges with your beautiful landscape, skyline, or ocean.

Infinity Pools Cost

If you plan on increasing the beauty of your home using these tailored pools, the cost is a significant factor you should consider. You want to ensure you find an infinity pool design and size that fits your budget.

Pool builders define infinity pools depending on the number of missing or vanishing edges added. The project's total cost depends on the number of edges and the features you want to include to enhance the appearance of your property. If you know the price tag of building a regular pool, you should expect to spend approximately $15,000 to $20,000 on top of the custom pool cost to obtain an infinity one.

Infinity Pool Benefits

If you want absolute luxury in your backyard, consider infinity pools. These pools give you all the benefits of a standard pool and give your property a luxury look. The way infinity pools seamlessly merge with the surrounding environment without visible edges gives your home an exceptional water feature.

The expected benefits of the installation are:

     1. Elegance and Eye-catching Appearance

Infinity pools make your home look stunning, making the property stand out in the neighborhood. The elegance is because of the genius design of the swimming pool, where coping on one side of the installation is a few millimeters below the water level, allowing water to cascade into the basin below before it is cycled back to the primary shell.

     2. Tailored Design Options

Infinity pools are tailored to meet the needs of your property or home. Therefore, you can incorporate any feature you deem necessary into the swimming pool design, offering you a luxury swimming pool like no other. Any ideas in mind about the height and shape of the swimming pool can be incorporated by a pool builder. With a reputable builder, all your dreams regarding your infinity swimming pool will become a reality.

     3. The Pools are Suitable for Sloping Blocks

If your property is in a sloppy landscape, you have heard from pool builders that it is impossible to have a regular pool. Nevertheless, the opposite is true when it comes to infinity pools. They are ideal for sloped backyards overlooking the landscape below. Your pool builder can utilize a negative edge design to blend or merge the view with a missing edge, giving your property a stunning appearance. The pool gives you an unrestricted view, with the vanishing edges blending well with the environment.

     4. Easy Maintenance

Regular pool designs have water sitting stagnant throughout, requiring more cleaning and maintenance. However, infinity pools lack skimmers, and the surface water flows into the catching basin, which filters the water before cycling it back to the primary shell. You will require less maintenance with the auto or self-cleaning system in these pools. Additionally, the pool is cleaner, giving your family a healthy choice of pool.

     5. Enhances Property Value

Infinity pools are a luxury commonly found in star hotels. Adding this feature to your property raises its value, and future home shoppers will be willing to pay more for it than when it has a regular pool.

Installing an infinity pool in your home adds value to it and your lifestyle. It is ideal for places where building the traditional pool is deemed impossible. The pool gives your home beauty and grace and offers versatility. All you need to do is find the right pool builder for the project, and you will enjoy all these benefits.

Factors Determining the Infinity Pool Costs

Many factors determine the total cost of your infinity pool project. The overall cost varies based on the property's landscape, where you want to install the pool and your specifics. You must understand the price of the project to create a proper budget. The factors that will affect the budget of the installation are:

The Pool Size

Custom swimming pools vary in size based on your preference. The total cost of constructing the pool varies depending on its size. The more extensive the pool, the more materials are needed to complete the installation; hence, the higher the cost. Also, a large infinity swimming pool will require additional labor and excavation work, which will all add to the project's total cost. Again, a larger pool will need an enormous vanishing wall and catch basin, requiring extra resources, a more robust support structure, and a complete filtration and flow system. As the pool becomes more extensive, the cost increases. Building a small infinity pool will require fewer resources and labor, meaning you will spend less than when making a large one. Therefore, when budgeting, you must consider the pool’s size because it will primarily affect the budget.

Slope Condition

Another factor that will affect the project's price is the sloping terrain that will make the water from the pool look like it is cascading to infinity on the vanishing edge wall. You will not need to create an artificial slope if your property is not on sloped terrain. However, when your landscape allows for the regular pool, but you are interested in the luxury one, your pool builder must establish an artificial slope that must be adequately reinforced to keep the pool solid and safe. A present slope will also require reinforcement to carry the pool water’s weight and all the groundwork. Everything in this terrain must be done to the correct standard, meaning you will dig deep into your pockets depending on whether the property has a slope and the condition of the hill.

Soil Reports

Many homeowners overlook the soil type when planning to build a pool. The soil quality on your property determines whether the project will be successful. If your soil is easily compressed or not uniform, your infinity pool will not last long. This kind of soil offers poor anchorage to the structure, and its compression or shifting can create cracks in the pool, forcing you to redo the project. Therefore, before you put your money into this luxury oasis project, you want to ensure that your money will not go down the drain. You should obtain a soil report to understand the qualities of the soil where the installation is to happen. Soil tests and reports will add to the budget because they are not cheap. If the soil is unsuitable for the pool, you will need some modifications before the project starts, adding to the construction cost.

Material Selection

Another aspect that will affect the price of your infinity swimming pool is the choice of materials. These luxury pools incorporate premium materials. You can build yours using quality tiles, concrete, or fiberglass. The material you pick for the construction will determine the overall cost of the installation.

Tiles are one prevalent material used for constructing infinity pools. Pool builders use tiles for customization to give your pool the finishing you want based on your choice of color, size, and patterns. Tiles create mosaic designs and give your pool a modern look that fits your taste and preference. They are labor intensive, meaning that if you use them for finishing, you will part with more money to complete the project. Again, tile prices vary, meaning that your choice of tiles for the finishing will impact the cost.

Similarly, you can go for the fiberglass infinity pool. Pools made using these materials are easy to install, reducing installation costs. Also, they require little maintenance, saving you money in the long run. However, even though the initial cost of installing fiberglass infinity swimming pools is minimal, your design and tailoring options are limited.

Lastly, you can choose concrete infinity pools. These installations are highly durable and versatile. The only downside is that they are more expensive than other material options. However, pool builders can design concrete pools depending on your budget and style, giving you more options.

Self-Cleaning Infinity Pool System

Most of your swimming pool's waste and dirt settle at the water's surface. And because the vanishing walls sit underneath the water surface, water cascades from the primary shell to the catch basin. The missing edges, which make your pool seem to merge with the surroundings, will no longer be attractive because of the debris and leaves. Your pool contractor must install skimmers at the catch basin to automatically clean the water before circulating it back to the main shell.

The auto-cleaning feature of the installation is the most important because it is meant to be the most aesthetic feature of the infinity pool but could turn into a leaf or debris collection site. Sadly, amateur pool makers try to make their prices for the construction eye-catching by cutting the costs of small extras like the self-cleaning system, thinking the features are unnecessary. However, when debris fills the basin, these shortcuts are costly in the long run.

Therefore, when looking for a pool builder, ensure that they include the budget of the self-cleaning system in the project's price. Even though the installation cost will be high initially, you will not regret the decision in the future.

Several aspects contribute to the total cost of infinity pool installation. You will require engineers and the best pool designers with experience in infinity pools. However, you must be willing to part with more money because these experts are not cheap.

Even though infinity pool costs are high, do not let the price discourage you from adding this luxury experience to your home. All you need to do is research the pool builders in your locality and find the one offering uncompromised pool building services at reasonable or fair prices.

Additional Features for Your Infinity Swimming Pool

An infinity swimming pool is not just a swimming pool but a luxury to the home and a primary component of your outdoor space. While the installation perfectly merges with the surroundings, there are additional features that can make it more appealing and luxurious. These are:

  • Outdoor dining area
  • Fireplaces
  • Pool Landscaping
  • Fire bowls

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